Do one thing to improve your life this week

Everyone should do one thing to improve their lives this week. Make your goal here in this thread~~~~. You can always make improvements in your life. My goal is to start going to the gym.


And I want to clean and keep my apt and car clean…and go out and buy groceries, usually I just get mcdoanlds and subway and stuff.


Stick with the exercise routine.

I hope it overtakes my addictions.

Just wait for it.


Gonna get good at video editing. And expand awarenesss

New therapist this week.

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A worthy goal? No alcohol or coffee.

Groceries are a must as well. I’m not going to start exercising until I’m eating right. Which I need to figure out lol.


Need new meds or something, because I am just FLAT…it takes me too much caffeine to feel alive. goals don’t even interest me.

Maybe I’ll go to psych this week and do some tweaking.

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Flat makes you feel that you have no recourse.

I know the feeling.

Perhaps you could try eating spicy food.

I don’t know. It helps me.


A bike ride helps as well. All that air/ the combination of speed/control/exposure it’s almost like swimming.

Hope you feel better soon Smprz84

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This flat feeling is drug related! My dopamine is zapped to death. However I don’t want to hear ■■■■. So annoying.

Put away my laundry! I always leave clean laundry in the basket until I wear it again.

Clean my bedroom.

Maybe just one doughnut in the morning instead of two? This is a good goal, but it seems so hard.


I have not been getting out,these few days,I need to get out to find friends by this week

Pay attention to my emotions when she and I are texting.


For her pleasure right?

OMG I’m glad I don’t have that donut issue.

For my sanity.

5 10 15… 15

I’m gonna start going on walks again for at least one hour. If anyone wants some good recipes eating clean, let me know!

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Start using my nicotine patches to help me quit smoking!

I know it says improving this week, but I like to take one day at a time.

Sometimes it’s: Make It Your Hour

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