Any goals - large medium small

What are some goals you’d like to accomplish in the next week, however large or small. I’d like to wash my floors and do laundry. Did some dishes today.

I’d like to finish with the chore of getting off my Seroquel; try getting to the Quaker meeting today; read my library book.

All the best with the seroquel. Not one of my better drugs. What’s a Quaker meeting like? Enjoy your book!!

Have my father’s scooter repaired tomorrow. No transportation is difficult. Big goal is to meditate God’s Word and His creation.

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Hope the scooter repairs go well. May God bless your studies of His Word.

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You have a kind heart.

Thank you 1515151515151515

I want to hike almost everyday next week. I want to get a library card, get two books, begin reading and decide if i would apply for a few jobs.

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Awesome goals, goggles!

i would like to have my paleo-diet be the norm and to quit all alcohol and caffeeine. i would also love to be able to do weight-lifting once a week.

Transfer ownership of my old car to my old landlord. It will take a little work. Do my laundry. Make a few calls.

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Good on you! What do you like about the paleo-diet?

Have a good week, Nick, cutting through the car bureaucracy.

It’s actually not that complicated.

We sit in silence for an hour, then greet each other as in the Catholic Church. Anyone who feels inspired to speak can speak.

Good luck in the job search.

I just sent in the scooter to the nearby workshop and when it is ready they will ring me for collection. How are you today, Tomasina?

It sounds relaxing, Martin. Thanks for the info.

Cool - good on you, Plumber! I’m doing well - thanks for asking.

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Ok I did some little goals.

Clean refrigerator next weekend. While out of commission it got out of hand and is now overwhelming.

Frozen food kills germs when you can’t deal with anything. Nuking it kills off anything that may be leftover.