Goals the rest of this week

any goals for this week??

My only goal is to not waste so much time online. I spend WAY to much time online. I like to read blogs. not sure if i can do it but i’m going to try. :slight_smile:


I’m planning on finishing my continuing education course, then submitting my credits to the nursing board to renew my license. After that, I’m just going to relax. This course has been tough and I’m tired!

I might try to meet up with friends later in the week. And of course, take my walks–if I can brave the 30 degree temps!




30’s sound warm where i am living. LOL Glad you got the course done anthony!

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Get my sleeping pattern under control. The reversed sleep cycle makes more messed up in the head and keeps me from being productive during the day.


To clean the bathroom…it’s disgusting. To get through the washing and to cook some meals. Maybe do some writing and to order a ddi adapter for my pc.


What is a DDI adapter?

Try to get out with friends instead of being stuck in my room.

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I need to head over to the college and find out what they can do as far as financial aid is concerned. I am wanting to go back to school, and can’t pay for tuition out of pocket.

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It’s an adapter that lets u connect a newer desk top computer to an older monitor. Xxx

I had a bit of a fit and my sis and I are now in Canada for a few days. The next three days is NOT answer the cell phone if it’s family and rest and catch up on sleep and calm down and get my circus under control.

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I’m helping my mom get her house and photos ready for a visit this Saturday from some recently found family members.
She has waited her whole life to meet them and it’s finally coming true.

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emmmm, I contacted someone for my research, hoping he have some good news for me, wish me luck.

Chew my nicotine gum in the corner of my mouth away from my healing (not healing) gum.

I don’t have any really, no goals, everything that i want to do i cannot, and this world offers nothing anyway.

What do you WANT to do?


I used to want to do things, now i don’t.