Goals for this weekend

Clean clean MY ROOM!! Really needs it.
Go to church.
Maybe go swim.
do some laundry
rent a movie or go see one.

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It’s 1:30 PM. I still have to shower, wash my hair, find something to wear, eat something. Might go for a walk around the corner to get a lottery ticket.

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I’ll probably just wander around aimlessly. I may consider taking a shower.

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sounds good! my goals are ~ shower, read, mass, dinner with b/f. tomorrow ~ laundry, movie, get ready for work for Monday.

Give my dog a bath, take a shower tonight. I don’t know what i’m suppose to do tomorrow.

download an anime series and eat chicken and dumplings…probly watch porn too…just being honest lol. I went to target with my dad and got a coffee, im rolling on coffee, cigarettes and anime. I am strange. My doc told me that the voices will stop telling me to stop masturbating if I keep doing it anyways. So now I make a point to masturbate.


Im aiming to write about 3-4 hundred words on something. Hopefully go for a walk and get my clothes read for work on Monday.

Best thing about my life, as shitty as it is, is having a job.

I hope to go to Staples tomorrow and buy some school supplies.

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I found my kitty this afternoon! Hungry little booger been out for 24 hours.
Don’t care about the rest of the weekend-all is good now.


I can’t go to staples with my sis. I have a thing about little boxes and she has a thing about pens. She has to try each one. We can spend all day in Staples or Office Depot. Don’t get me started on post-its.

Tomorrow is work. So I have to do some laundry and get back into the sturdy boots.
Today is also the day my sis and I usually go do something fun. Sundays are “adventure days”

as they say - tmi…

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i have a few big goals i need to do,

  • work through my sociology booklets (130 pages with an average of 300- 500 words per page with research and questions)
  • make an appointment with my dentist

these are the hardest things i have to deal with right now
as well as obsessing over my housing situation but i hope i am over that just now. :house_with_garden: i hope.

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