Sometimes it gets to me

I get the feeling they are all just playing dumb. They shouldn’t be doing this to me. It just seems so real.

And cruel…

Woah man, get a grip! Who’s playing dumb and what are they doing to you?

The telepathy man. They all ignore it and play like it’s not happening aside from the small messages we generate when we connect. I’m just delusional this should be under unusual beliefs. Made a mistake there. I’m almost over trigger the hallucination or whatever it is, but it won’t go away entirely it’s an interesting experience. Don’t really know what else to say about it. I’ve learned a lot though, about living, under these conditions. I’m either a subconscious genius or they are all telepathic. I don’t know what to believe right now.

At least my voices are going away. Probably due to the niacin. ■■■■ though my experience just makes me wonder if they or me is/are telepathic. Ahhhhhh ■■■■. Whatever I’m getting over this ■■■■ whether it’s real or not.

It’s definatly not real. Who’s they though? Here’s what I’ve noticed about thought broadcasting: When you think to yourself like in public or something your body language often dictates what you are thinking to other people. Like If i’m about to steal something and I keep anxiously looking at the item in question and stuff like that plus I’m wearing ghetto clothes, the manager might come up to me and say, “Don’t even think about it.” This is not telepathy but basic human intelligence. Just calm down and find some piece of reality to hold onto. …I used to have a pet rock. lol. My cat was jealous.

Yeah I’m back down to earth now. No one can really understand my situation though. It is like everyone is telepathic and I think to them and get a response. It’s pretty ■■■■■■■ crazy man. That’s funny about the pet rock.

From my experiences with voices It took me 3 years to finally accept that it was all just in my head

Yeah I’m getting close to it, it can be very convincing though.

I used to think maybe I had some sort of special access to knowledge from the voices and that thought lingered for the past few years and I actually a couple times would stop taking medicine or whatever and listen to them again and stuff not a good idea lol

for me i definitely believe that we can talk telepathically but i dont believe that it is easy to do because we have to talk with out souls instead of thinking about talking to people. at least thats how i did it. its really up to you to believe in it or not, im just saying from the experiences ive had, i can say it not in my head. but i think the real question is why do you want to talk to people telepathically and if you find that answer out then you can come to terms with whether or not you should continue to try, just seems you have a strong emotion behind it to want to keep talking about it.

Yeah man I have decided that good or bad regardless of what they’re saying it’s not worth listening to. I have pushed them very far away from being loud. I can hear them right now but they aren’t really saying anything. I’m gonna keep it that way until they go away.


i have them at a point to where they mumble i havent had anything for a while dont know if its the medication im on or how much im sleeping or what but its been a nice reprieve. i have an occasional symptom here or there but nothing like i have on other medications. so i dont know what im doing right, but if you have them there then good for you. it makes me wonder though is if the subconcious continually deals with these “voices” in normal people with out them knowing it. been interesting to find out.


i will give you a million dollars if you can telepathically communicate with someone that i know , then i will ask them in a few days if they spoke with you through their thoughts.

lol like i said i cant control it. but i know ive done it. be cool if i could but i really would want to because of other reasons. plus i think the person has to be receptive to it. but it was only a rare accident.

ok hunni, lets go through the reasons that this can’t b true. how likely is it that there is a vast telepathic conspiracy involving every english speaking person around u? y would they want to do it in the first place? these people, some of them, at least don’t even know u so how could they possibly b telepatic with u? where did tey get this talent from? and y don’t they talk to eachother instead of u? who r u anyway? do u have that much impact upon their lives that they would need to talk to u in secret? r u some sort of political dissident…a free thinker…have u invented something world changing? the answer is no. and even if u had how would it b possible? how would say if it was u and i, my mind find urs out of all the minds to choose from in the world? how would it actually locate it? see nobody explains that bit. my voices r very gung ho about this being telepathy but whenever i ask them how my mind would locate the incoming sound they have no answer other than, it just does…not good enough. how would ur mind receive those messages, mine supposedly come from all over the world, even when the main targets r asleep. now how the hell would that work? how could they possibly sleep with my voice waffling away inside their little pea brains? i have over 200 voices and yet they all seem to b able to sleep ok, work, write, sing, direct and all this with supposedly 200 other voices waffling away inside their minds. it’s complete and utter shite hunni. even if their talking voice was a separate personality, they’re still hearing it with one mind so their lives would b affected to their detriment yet look around u at these people bryan. don’t they seem completely unaffected to u? mine do and i find that very very odd for people that supposedly have 20 people all talking in their minds. can ur voices see through ur eyes too? mine c;laim to b able too…so where does that vision lie in their minds? does it take up the whole mind? a split screen? it has to take up enough space to get a clear picture because they seem to have full view of my vision. now these people have creative jobs yet my thoughts, emotions, vision, physical feelings, smells don’t seem to affect their thought processes at all and that can’t b right. people would notice their concentration was on other things and ask them,r u ok, u seem to b a million miles away. but nobody does,why? because it’s simply not true. it’s crap bryan…come back to reality hunni. nobody is reading ur mind. it’s ur brain producing these voices is all. how else do u think they know u so well? because they come from u. ur fears, ur wants, ur beliefs or opposing beliefs.
let me know what u think hunni xxx


You’re always standing on solid ground Jayne. I admire that. I’m getting better just sometimes I get snagged and have a set back I made this post in that moment. My delusion is unravelling although I’m always going to have traces of it I fear. Thanks for the support though, I’m learning to trust it’s not real.

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excellent explanation

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