I can provoke my voices anytime ! like a radio receiver

I hear any voice I can, any voice that I call, maybe not all, but I hear most of the voices that I’ve heard or never heard in the background, in the hypnagogic state, I feel that my head is a radio receiver and a transceiver as well, I can hear other people’s thoughts and people can hear mine, and there’s an evidence of that…close members of my family get my exact ideas, they either say the same sentence synchronized with me at the same time, or they say it a day or hours later after I have said it to someone or even thought about it, it involves even my most proud of ideas that I create in my mind, they’re stolen by telepathy !!!.. it has been happening for as long as I can remember…
Yesterday, before falling asleep I heard many many voices in my head, it was like turning on some radios at the same time…! it was a lot of people talking and it looked like that movie of X-Men when Xavier go’es into his room of reading minds and get to hear and see people from around the world ! it was weird but nothing new to me.
Do you have similar experiences ?

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My voices try to convince me that we r telepathic but I don’t believe it. I used to but not any more. My main voices r real people and they live in America which is 8 hours behind the UK so they try and convince me that they can do this in their sleep but I don’t believe that either. As a voice heater u know how debilitating hearing voices is. Yet mine seem to think it’s effortless. I think that anyone who hears voices knows that’s not true. So no, I don’t believe in telepathy. Xxx

Actually telepathy is proved scientifically, and they have made experiments to strengthen the idea of it, but can someone be telepathic involuntarily and give others his/her thoughts? that is the question that bothers me, and will someone who’s telepathically be stealing my thoughts, my work, and my research.

Where and when has telepathy been proofed scientifially. I’d like to read about this if it’s true. Xxx

the one voice i hear most is the ’ alien ’ he has his hand on my shoulder most of the time, that is how i know he is around .
take care
p.s that would normaly creep me out but some how it does not, i guess because he is trying to help

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I hear my main two spirits or demons or whatever they keep other voices in check most of the time… also hear random voices. I listen to bear grylls when I go to sleep so I don’t hear anyone when I focus on that.

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I used to be a bear grylls fan back when he had that survival show. I hope we’re talking about the same person.

I was in the kitchen alone one day and felt a hand on my shoulder, i turned around freaking out and no one was there.

A short time after i entered what they are calling psychosis and the first few minutes of it i saw an “alien”.

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well, you simply use google or youtube to prove that, there are plenty of documentaries that cover the subject of telepathy, I even found out that there are people who hear voices are being hired by the government to spy on enemies, a project called star gate, it’s funny that science can’t explain it but it can prove it exists.

I involuntarily hear sounds in the background of birds singing and people taking from a far distance, this gets me to sleep, my brain sometimes plays a song or something like that…it helps me to go to sleep. I can’t hear voices while I’m sitting or standing up, only hypnagogic hallucinations.

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Sounds like your not on meds. While I was off meds I thought my girlfriend was sent to either get me to stop having voices or kill me if she couldn’t because everyone in the world was tired of hearing my thoughts. When actually all I needed to do was go back on Zyprexa. Luckily, a late night talk show host said through the TV, you know Cary all you have to do is take your medication.

Hi Boris, I don’t like to expose my head to meds, I tried it and it dulls the mind, I think it’s how normal people do normally think, but I’m used to the rush of ideas and information into my head, and I don’t think I can live without it…I think having a good hallucination has no harm and it’s actually things that help you in life, I only share my weird hallucinations and delusions here, where I mostly feel un-judged, people like me.
I must admit that I’m doing an experiment on my mind and I’m invoking my psychosis, I’m doing this research about schizophrenia for many years and I don’t mind the short come consequences that come with it, I know how to stop my psychosis though :wink: it’s something came out with the research. Anyway I feel guilty that it is not my top priority and I have other researches to care more that my schizophrenia research, and I know that the research can help a lot of people with psychosis, I did uncover most of the mysteries of psychosis and the process of the thinking dynamics, I just wait until I uncover the missing puzzles and prepare my research paper and a persuading proposal… wish me luck

Good luck, my voices can be fun. But personally I’m the opposite. Obsessed with trying to think normal. Like any problem in my life or thoughts I ponder on and try to work out. I pretty much had a book on pondering life quicker. But I started to smoke weed a lot and my voices convinced me to through all of it away. Oh well. Learned my lesson there.

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Whenever I go to sleep in silence I hear amazing beautiful music like I’ve never heard before. I love it. That’s cool hearing nature sounds, I’d actually like to have that hallucination :slight_smile:

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this documentary does not prove telepathy at all. it was sensationalist as are most of them. the only voice of reason i could see was ray hyman. show me experiments that he has devised and overseen and i might believe it. i still don’t believe that i am telepathic with these voices in my head. yes they r real people across the atlantic but i don’t believe i am in telepathic communication with them as i don’t believe that telephone clarity communication is possible. xxx

I didn’t do a research about telepathy but I think if you did you might find some answers jaynebeal…I’m not saying that your voices are telepathic, mine are, your voices can be some other thing, like personality manifestation in your subconsciousness.

Why is it that so many people here do not make the connection?

yes alex, that’s exactly what i think mine r. personalities manifesting in my mind. i don’t blame u for thinking that ur voices are telepathic, i used to think that too but i just sort of woke up one day and thought of the logistics of that actually being true and that particular bubble just burst for me. thank u for ur enlightening documentary and response xxxx

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