Do any of you ever laugh uncontrollably?

Not uncontrollably. When I was psychotic, I’d laugh at really weird things that only made sense to me though. Like a single laugh or snort.

I haven’t had an uncontrollable laugh since seeing a cat do this for the first time:


Cat is so cute 67888


Absolutely gorgeous cat!!!

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Sometimes I am just sitting in the living room with the kids and I start to laugh and my kids ask why. I don’t really know why.

There’s actually a disorder when someone laughs uncontrollably;

It’s called pathological laughter.

I had years without laughter.
I just never laughed.
Not once a week not once a month not once a tragic.

I can laugh now but I don’t laugh often.
I would love to laugh more often.

When I was with my x boyfriend I laughed watching a tv show soa when a innocent guy was tortured.i thought that was hilarious because it was jax mum who was guilty but they blamed the wrong guy and tortured someone innocent.
I laughed uncontrollably and my x boyfriend said “that’s not funny”.
Sons of anarchy is not a comedy and that was not a funny scene but to me it was funny because he was innocent.

I had attack of uncontrollable laughter (paragelia) when I was about 3 - 4 years old. I was in church with my father. I thought about an advertisement of dish soap named “Kop” or “Pur” and started to laugh quite loudly and unstoppably. Maybe I wanted to stop laugh, but paragelia was stronger. After that incident father took me from the church and rode with me about a kilometer from the church where he beat me up strongly, probably using belt. It was unpleasant.

Another incident with paragelia took place when I was about 10. In TV I heard about a girl who was infected (HIV?) in a hospital. I started to laugh because of it although I did not want it. The laughter was quite loud. My father punished my by strong beating (maybe using belt) again.

This hasn’t happened to me for several years now. I’ve also laughed and cried at the same time. That was a little maddening and I’m sure I looked (and was) psychotic at the moment.

I did when I was in psychiatrist office it was quite fun but also not at the same time cos I didn’t know how to explain myself :the reasons were so silly.

That was wen they put me down as a cannabis user too. Sigh. How judgementmental (unless they thought they heard me say that which I never did)

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