Can't laugh?

I had a psychotic episode that lasted for a few weeks in November. I have been put on Zyprexa and my delusions happen very rarely now. However, I do have one major problem. I can’t seem to laugh at anything. The funniest thing in the world won’t even elicit a chuckle. It makes socializing awkward when everyone else is enjoying themselves and I’m sitting there emotionless. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks for any input.

well yes i cant seem to enjoy or laugh, im also on zyprexa.
yet i have:
whenever i get an urge, my mind tends too place myself in a certain perspective.
and then the plot doesnt be at all that funny at all.
and it only blames my narrowmindness

ah well it gives me some certain amount of comfort that some people
are able too be happy, can laugh etc.
still hidden in me i want those feelings too

I’ve had this. When I was in the deeps of wax build-up, I couldn’t understand what was funny, or what was sad. I could feel it, but I couldn’t understand it in others.

I just felt so out of step with everything. But now that I’m waking up out of the negative symptoms, I’m getting better at sort of understanding this more. Plus I like being funny.

I rarely laugh at comedians and comedy shows or anything for that matter.

yes, when i was younger i lost my sense of humour, but now it is what keeps me going.
it will come back.
take care

It’s good to know others have experienced this as well. Hopefully it turns around and I can laugh again.