Do antipsychotics affect liver or kidney?

anyone has an idea ?

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Yes a lot of the psych meds affect different parts of our organs.

Depakote did a number on my liver after decades of heavy use.

Antipsychotic medications are no different.

They wreak havoc on our bodies.

This is why you should take extra care with our diets and exercise.


appreciated dear @Wave
i was very anxious about this topic
i even wanted doctor to stop them at any cost


No don’t stop your meds, just adjust your diet accordingly.
Going on a low carb diet is beneficial for our health and metabolism with these meds.

Also keep moving your body.


Different meds affect different organs. It is good to talk with your doctor if you suspect a med is affecting your organs. They can do tests to determine if there is any damage. I need an EKG every year because geodon can potentially affect the heart.

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Only Zyprexa gave me health problems.

I have to go for blood tests once a year for liver and kidney function. I also do my HbA1c and Cholesterol and go for an EKG. Im on Abilify, Lamotragine and low dose Diazepam

what dose you were on ?
on depakote
i am very anxious becoz i am prescribed same med

I was prescribed 1000 mg of Depakote for years and higher.
Overall Depakote is a safe drug especially short term.

I was on this drug for decades.
It is hard on your liver though @saynow longterm.

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Yes clozapine has messed up my liver function test results. Following is elevated and my pdoc said it was cuz of clozapine


after how much time this happen ?
and what symptoms did you have

I dont know. I never did liver function tests before. On clozapine i only did my tlc and anc counts and ECG. But pdoc said to also do liver function test and after testing it pdoc said the results are not normal. We found it, this year

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