Oral antipsychotics and liver damage

Do oral antipsychotics(1st and 2nd generation) cause liver damage? Are there any studies done on the matter and does anyone here have experience with this?

Doubtful. My liver is tetchy thanks to my alcoholism before I was DXed with SZ. I’ve been on most of the older APs at some point and I’d know if they messed with your liver as mine never entirely came back. My function is somewhat impaired and I need to be careful. I messed with protein supplements at one time and got sick right away from the load it placed on my poor liver. I’d quickly notice if my head meds were doing the same.


I had high liver enzymes before my sz diagnosis. Dr said no need to worry as he did a scan of my abdomen and nothing worrying etc I have fatty liver since I was young so maybe thats causing it but he said some people naturally have high enzymes. My mother too has high liver enzymes and fatty liver, she doesn’t have any mental illness.

I’ve been on several AP’s over the last 17ish years. I’ve had a blood test done every 3-6 months during that time and my liver enzymes have been fine.

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