Divorce can be so ugly

When I got divorced there was no fighting, no arguing, no name calling, no blaming. Yes I hurt my husband but in time he was ok and we remain the best of friends. I have a hard time understanding divorces where they tear each other down, beat each other up, fight over property and custody and threaten each other, call the cops and get restraining orders. It’s tragic.


I’m really sorry about the hassle your daughter’s divorce is causing in your life. My parents are going through a messy divorce that’s been bringing me down, too. They’re a few months into it and there’s already been all sorts of drama over money, custody of the younger kids, where everyone is going to stay during this process, etc. They have court this week and I’m nervous.


Oh I’m so sorry you are going through this. It’s hardest on the kids I’m sure.

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Yeah, I agree, I always thought divorces are supposed to be fun.

My divorce was stressful but relatively drama free.

My divorce took a year, I couldn’t afford a divorce attorney, and I was so medicated that I kept filling out the forms from the courthouse wrong. But at least it’s done and over with. Pro tip you can save a lot of money by doing the divorce paperwork yourself vs an attorney, but it might take longer.

When I have heard horror stories from friends growing up, and seen how some of their parents divorces went, I am very thankful my parents decided to end on good terms.
No doubt there were some hurt feelings, but they both agreed it would be better for us that they separated and remained civil, rather than stick together for us and end up being toxic to each other out of frustration.

They stayed in the same city until all of us had left the nest, so to speak. They split the custody 50-50 until we were old enough to say for ourselves that some of us might prefer staying more with one parent over the other, and they never blamed the other parent for that.
They never smack-talked each other, never fought in front of us, split their assets equally, and frequently invited each other and the new partners over for dinner.
Never once did anything out of spite, never once did the whole “tell your mother this-and-that when she gets you on friday”.
Always dropped us off in person.

They don’t talk much today, as they live on oppsite sides of the country and have found new spouses, but they are not afraid to contact each other and put up a united front when it comes to us “children”.

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I left with the the clothes on my back. He got the house and everything in it. I wanted out so bad I didn’t care. I was sick of the meanness and threats in my marriage. It was awful while we were married. He became cordial during the divorce. I think he thought I’d come back. But I couldn’t do it. We don’t speak at all now


My “divorce” was horror and we werent even married. I just wanted son to be safe, that’s all that mattered and it’s the only thing we “fought” over really.

Good that you left!

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My husband wanted a gray divorce when he was 66. I couldn’t understand it because I supported him And paid all for the house and forgave him for so many things After he lost his job for a criminal offense 25 years ago. Yes that gave me a relapse Back then. But I was able to pull myself together and carry-on.

I cried about the divorce over it for a year But my son moved in after my husband left and now we’re good. My husband always cut his own son down which I never understood. Jealousy?

But I found out the only reason he wanted the divorce was to get my Social Security Since I want to wait until 65 to get more. He never could wait and I spent $50,000 paying off his credit card bills that he kept it a secret post office box and I thought we could be happy, Debt free, Retired and maybe travel.

So that’s my divorce story but God turns bad into good.
He’s living off his mother and I think he’s in debt again because he asked his family for money. :wink:

My divorce started off messy but the last few years we actually become friends

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I had an amicable divorce. Up till recently I was still in touch with the ex but needed to have a break from her. Not really changed much and those same old problems were still there. Thought it better to not be so friendly.

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