My dad is not a viable source of income. I have Schizoaffective and ADHD. I do not think I have schizoaffective specifically, but I do need social support or financial help. I’ve attempted college for the past 3 and a half years, but only completed half the amount of credit hours I attempted because of mental health and anxiety and confusion. The thing is, it takes longer for me to remember and process information. I put on a stressed out smile for everyone but no one gets it that it is actually 2 million trillion times as hard to put together proper sentences. My highest retention comes from my ability to communicate, but I lack the ability to conceptualize biological or mathematical problems. I feel like sometimes I’m a little cooky but I’m not psycho and I don’t think psychotic should be a part of my symptoms since I am never psychotic, just dysphoric occasionally when I’m high. I smoked pot in the past to deal with anxiety and social pressure. I do not abuse drugs anymore.

Meds make all the difference in the world.

I realize that this might come off as arrogant to people who know more about this stuff but have you ever tried reading the philosophy/religious stuff? Like the idea of not speaking to (I don’t really remember what the reason was but you can check that out). Or learn sign language or carry around a pad of paper to write what you want to say on if you can communicate better that way. You can say that you are trying to understand what it is like to be mute. Taking up something like writing or painting would really help that. My idea here is to try to give off an eccentric artist vibe. I don’t know if that will help but hopefully it is something to think about.

@StarryNight there is no shame on going on disability - If you cannot work, it can help.
I also would not write off Invega just yet. Invega is a good medication for many, it has been proven to be effective for many people. It is all about trial and error when it comes to these meds. Good luck with everything!

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I just started the Invega. I’m also seeing my psychiatrist in two weeks instead of one month because I was upset.

I’m quitting smoking!!! :slight_smile: I had not smoked more than three cigarettes the first day, but lapsed to half a pack the next day. Today I’m not smoking. I have a severe cough from smoking and possibly strep throat or bronchitis. Everyone wants me to quit.

I’ve never felt better about this. And the Invega seems to have worked already at 3mgs.

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Hey @StarryNight its good to know that the Invega is working out for you so soon! I wish you luck on quitting the smokes - your physical health may thank you later! All the best to you :smiley:


Thank you wave! I was able to sleep last night and I’m more in my right state of mind. I also am back on my ADHD meds finally so I feel much better and can focus. There’s someone at my friends house who took invega and my friends mom convinced me to take my medication. It causes no weight gain either. I also took neurontin today and omg I feel wonderful.

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You could volunteer to give yourself something to do. That way even though you can’t work you can give something back.

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I signed up for ssi after I was hospitalized after being diagnosed with psychotic disorder nos and borderline personality disorder. Now I’ve been diagnosed with schizoaffective and am still on ssi but I’m on invega now and the psychiatrist wants me on injections.

Congrats on quitting smoking!

Thanks! I’m going to give the job hunt more effort before I go through with disability. I’ve been told it can mark your future career situation. I really think I’m just all over the place with this. In the career world I’d be aiming super high, but being frustrated with not having a job right now is why I wanted to apply. I’m confident I can work I just need to find what I’m good at.

If I can work I will work. I almost got a really good job at Horizon Goodwill as a job trainer but I didn’t get a second interview even though it went well.

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I think you would do good as a developmental service worker. Working with disabled people.

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