Disability questions


Is disability enough to live on? Is it taken out of what you’ve paid in due to previous work deducations? Is it shared that you were on disability to your future employers and what not?


The amount of disability you get depends on whether you have a work history and, if so, how much you made when you worked and paid into the system. It can be enough to live on depending on where you live and what kind of lifestyle you have, but it ultimately depends on how much you get. Typically those on SSI get less than SSDI. SSI is for those with no work history, while SSDI is for those who have worked. That’s how it works in the US, anyways.


In the U.K. If you are awarded top benefits it’s more than plenty to live off. My benefits total £23.000 a year.


I’m in the u.s. and I’m only 25 and spent most my younger years in school so I worked part time for about 5 years. Making a total of probably 15-20 thousand. Will future employers judge you for being on disability at some point?


gaps in employment may look bad on a resume, but if you need time off work you need it. I had gaps in my resume and was always able to find employment. I was able to explain the time off by saying I was starting a family or taking care of a sick relative or other things like that which were also going on during those time periods. I’ve had employers know why there were gaps and hire me anyway.


I’m from England and I only get 6000 pounds a year? How are you getting 23000 per annum?! Do you claim under schizophrenia or do you have other disabilities?


SSI is not enough to live on or to live comfortably, but it is better than nothing. The medical is real nice.

Ssdi if you worked is better…


your employers won’t know you are on disability…they have nothing to do with disability.


Your usually poor not enough to live off of
But it prevents you from completely going undet.


I really need to learn about this. Maybe a different thread?


Im uk. and I get about 22 grand a year if you factor in the housing benefit. I also get a low rate mobility payment. I claim under Sz and EUPD.


£13.900 a year in ESA and DLA payments.

£9.000 a year in housing benefit.

If you take into account my support hours allocated from social services you can add another £15.000 per year. 21 hours one to one support per week. I live in supporting housing.

Plus pay no council tax.

free bus pass and a third of rail travel.

I have learning disabilities and chronic schizoaffective disorder.


I was wondering the same. I’m still waiting to hear back from disability. I am worried about future employers though.


An employer will not see on a background check that you were on disability


It’s hardly enough to live on. I make 927 a month.


My mom made 935.i applied under her social security number because my disability started before age 22.if I get accepted I will get 799 a month.

I hope to work and collect benefits dmh said they could help me so I don’t work too much to lose benefits.


I now get like $770/month. Apartments around me start at $700/ month, and those are the high crime area apartments. So no, it’s not enough. Luckily my husband gets disability too, but money is incredibly tight. I don’t get free busing, and I don’t get free health care. If we could claim both kids living with us, we would get free healthcare but one is now 18 so we can’t. Our minor child does get free healthcare (Medicaid) though. My 18 year old is having a hard time getting a job because she’s learning disabled. She can’t learn jobs fast enough so she gets fired.


I get 1900€ a month on disability but only because I had a good salary before I got ill. It’s enough to live on and go on holiday.


That is awful and sounds like it is against the law! The ADA is supposed to protect people from that type of thing.


How could they help me @ZombieMombie? Is there something I can fight for???