You can be grateful for disability


I hear people saying how disability is so low and complaining about it.

I dont have disabilty in my country and am forced to work even on the bad days. Life sux currently for me.

Anyways those who are on disabilty are so fortunate…


I would say they are unfortunate to have to be on disability, but fortunate that they live in a country that offers them disability.


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Well I wish I had disabilty. I have to work and Its a struggle sometimes…


Hang in there @Wallafish

Yeah I’m grateful for my parents and disability that I have access to it at least.


Dude @Wallafish you are the head honcho of a business. It’s interesting you would rather live the disabled life. I guess you have a lot of stress. You might die of boredom if you had my life though.


what country you from @Wallafish


With 300€ per month here, you can’t have rent and food and electricity etc. It’s too low


Yea mate but it’s so stressful I have deadlines to meet for the customers it’s really difficult.

I’m so stressed out and it just makes my head spin…

I have no choice but to work. I wish I could just relax.

@karl I live in south Africa


And now government decided that schizophrenia will not be 67% disability anymore but 50%. And that means that the money will be even less


I’m sorry that you don’t have that option, @wallafish. I am VERY grateful for disability. WIthout it, my husband and I wouldn’t be able to make ends meet. However, if I were on my own, it wouldn’t be enough. I would have to find some way to go to work despite my physical and mental disabilities. I don’t know how I would do it, but otherwise, I just wouldn’t be able to live and support my family. I just pray that nothing happens to my husband.


The closest thing my country comes to disability is early retirement, which is mostly awarded to people over 40.
You can also get a diagnose bonus in your welfare money, which I’m struggling to get at the moment.

I am grateful we have a system where you can get a little money even if you can’t work, but there’s lots to be improved.
My government keeps cutting welfare in order to motivate people to get jobs.


Where are you, @Nova?


I’m in Denmark :slight_smile:


I really needed mine when I got approved. But maybe it has given a false sense of security, I worry about it drying up. Especially since I have a huge gap on my resume now.

But I never aimed for this, I didn’t know my country had a safety net for someone like me, my father finally educated me. It took a long time for him to give up.

And I’m actually allowed to earn extra money and still keep the disability… and I leave that on the table.

Surely there are things to be grateful for about holding down a job. You have more connection than I do I’m sure. And frankly you probably have a better chance of attracting someone. (If I recall your previous posts correctly…). So try to keep your chin up I would just advise. True positivity helps in workplaces.


Where do you live, @dollar_menu? I can make up to around $850 and keep my disability, too. I am in the US. For my resume gap, I simply list “Stay at Home Mom”. That works nicely. It will only last another six years before my youngest goes off to college, though. I need to come up with something at that time or before then. I hope that my spinal injections start to work really well so that I can sit for longer periods of time and maybe work as a part-time executive assistant or even an administrative assistant or office manager. Any of those would be fine. I can work a few hours a couple of days a week or two full days a week, depending on pay. Part of the problem is that everyone wants to pay too much.


I’m in the greater New York area. As soon as your youngest goes off to college I would seize the moment and find something to earn that extra $850. Don’t let an unexplained gap on your resume grow and grow, I got distracted and paralyzed by fears.

What do your doctors say about the spinal injections? One of my previous jobs got compromised bc I couldn’t sit still on the med cocktail I was on at the time. So I can relate in that regard.

Talking about the pay is so delicate. I never got as far as that, but I’d probably just lay out the facts, which might not work. Do you think ever about being a dog walker? I think about that for myself sometimes. It might fit the bill in regards to pay, working part time etc. But it’s no slam dunk either, you need to build trust with the owner in an interview and going forward… I’m not much of a talker so I haven’t executed yet.


I’m happy with my disability benefits. Nevertheless, I get bored…


You’re close to me. Technically I’m in the greater New York area

I live in Bridgeport Connecticut.

But if I were one city east I’d be in new haven county which I’m pretty sure isn’t in the greater New York City area :slight_smile:


I live in New Jersey… even went “away” to college there. I still reside in the town I grew up in(lived on my own for two short stints), but am excited bc I think a change may take place in the not too distant future. I think I could really benefit from it.