Are you on Disability?

  • SSDI
  • SSI
  • Neither

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I’m on SSDI. I have been since 2016. I get $1460/Month. Before I was disabled and bat sh*t crazy, I made 96K a year. I have nothing left now (threw it all away as part of my delusion) and I have bad credit.

I get Sadi and partial veterans benefits. The veterans benefits are a secret though.:shushing_face:


I get SSDI and secret veteran benefits too. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Yea you get full bennys. I only get 40%.

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I am on Disability but I can’t vote, this question is targeted towards the American system. I’m in Ontario, Canada and my disability program is called ODSP and I don’t know if that is more like SSDI or SSI or something completely different.

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Sorry about that! SSDI is for people that have a significant work history and SSI is less money and for people that don’t. Some people are on a blend of SSI/SSDI. In the US, the least you will get is like $800 (ish) a month, so if your SSDI only gets you to $600, the government will give you an additional $200/month in SSI money.
SSDI=Social Security Disability Insurance and SSI= Supplemental Security Income


I’m on SSDI, I might eventually go to SSI if I qualify but tracking all my purchases ever is extremely limiting.

I don’t currently receive disability benefits. But I applied for SSDI, last June. My disability claim is being processed by the Disability Determination Services (DDS). I probably won’t receive a decision for several more months.


I just had my court hearing for both so well see


I hope you get it. You will get a nice little chunk of change, from the back pay. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


@Moon @Blossom

Good luck to both of you! Even though I hate being poor as dirt, at least I have some income and it’s better than nothing. It took them like 3 months to give me my SSDI after I applied.


I get £333 a month disability, which is not means tested

Don’t qualify for the others, as I worked a lot and didn’t spend any money

Have not worked for nearly two months, and if I don’t get a job soon, I’ll be getting more

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I’m on a disabilty pension over here. It helps me live a good life. It’s without a lot of things but I have enough to get by and enjoy life.


i am on disability pension too.

it improved my life and took away the stress of employment agencies and being psychotic at work places etc

it has improved my life and i am thankful for it.

last time i was psychotic i was forsed to volunteer work and do a house keeping course while psychotic and i ended up hospitalised.

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there was one employment agency i wanted to have that case manager and i wanted to be her client because i thought she was lovely and genuinly would help me get a good job i could do brilliantly but my mum yelled at me that im not aloud to be with that agency because they think im schizophrenic.

i said i am and she said no you are not you are autistic and she said being autisitc has a better label to it than schizo and that shcizo is ugly and tabu so she was ashamed and did not want me to have the label of being schizo.

that woman at that employment agency i could see myself being aquaintance with or very friendly with.
she was lovely.

i did not want to fight with my mum so i did what she told me to do which was change employment agencies to a agency that would “label” me as autistic instead.

I’m on disability in Belgium. I get reviewed every couple of years as they haven’t totally given up on me yet. The amount depends on your living situation. The least I’ve gotten is €1400. The most €2000.

I don’t know the difference.
Here in Greece we don’t have two types
of disability. Just one

Neither in USA but tryin’ to figure out something…still lost…

I have never had money I have never had more than $2000 in the bank at once. I wasn’t given the chance or opportunities to succeed. I am not given money from my parents. I asked my dad for a loan and he flipped out and threw things at me.