Are you able to live off of disability?

Do you have kids? Is it enough money for you? If not, what do you do?

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I live off disability ok, but I also live with my parents, pay low rent and have limited bills. I’m fairly comfortable with it but, as I said, I live with parents.

If I lived on my own and had to pay full rent and other utilities, I would likely be stretched very thin.


Only because the council pay my rent. If I had to pay my own rent I couldn’t afford to exist even with plenty of benefit money.

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i have 37 bucks left after bills this month…keep hoping extra covid food stamps come through or I am going to have to do something.


Also, do you get ssi, ssdi, or both?

SSDI for me

I wasn’t back in the day and that was without kids. It was a prime motivator for getting healthy enough to work again.

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I could live off disability about 8 years ago which was 1000.00 per month. My rent was 550.00/month. So I had 450.00 every month. But I became unstable and the good situation I had fell apart.

I can live off of disability but I’m in a trajectory to see what is realistically possible workwise.

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My disability money is not enough

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My disability money is plenty. It will become even higher soon hopefully as they screwed it up, I was supposed to have more because people who get ill at a certain age get extra money.

Its not even close to enough for me to live so i must work.

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Just SSI is not enough
Food stamps
Work part time
Section 8

Is enough to live on

My husband and I both get SSDI. We have two adult children and one teen. Money is extremely tight.

No, I work. I’ve been living comfortably the last few years. I always have at least a $1000 in my checking account the majority of the time.

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no i barely make it on ssdi

i get about 50 bucks extra after i pay my monthly bills

my mom also get ssi and she helps with the bills and mortgage but it still isnt enough

we need and are very grateful for the food pantry

Unfortunately not. Pushing myself to work for that reason but I’m sure that’s going to backfire sooner rather than later.

Yes, I receive enough SSDI. I get more than most people with sz because I managed to work for 10 years or so. The government treats me well, it’s one of my greatest blessings.

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I’m on SSDI and usually can make ends meet.

Here’s to all the middle aged men living with their parents :beers:

I’m in the same boat as you @Bowens