Disability Checks

I tried to apply for disability but I got denied. It is good though I can’t survive on those checks anway.

I’m sorry you got turned down. I am on disability and it is a tough way to live I’ll give you that.

I am going to try to work again. If it does not work out I will go for disability again. I didn’t mean to sound rude in my initial post. Yea it sucks, but you can still have a quality life living off them.

did you appeal the verdict? most people have to appeal a couple times before they get it. did you have hospitalizations? are you on meds?

Yea I had like four hospitalizations in a month. They such in America though, they kept releasing me while I was in psychosis. It is like wth, I could have died or been imprisoned. I was in a terrible state. ON top of that my wife kicked me out after my psychosis started at home. IT was so bad I thought a hospital was a CIA building so I kept going to it. They intially gave me a good breakfast which was cool. Then they started getting pissed and called the cops on me. I had a criminal trespassing charge, luckily it got dropped right away. I also thought about jumping off a bridge at one point and was walking in roads.

I don’t know why with that many hospitalizations why you were turned down for disability? did the board know that? I am sorry you had such a hard time with delusional behavior. I hope you get better soon .

Well when I filled it out I wrote one sentence responses that were kind of snarky.

I had a social worker (called a case manager here) that did all of the disability paperwork with me and helped me apply. I’d hunt around for a good case manager in your County, they’ll fight for your right to get disability, especially if you have a proven disability.

My disability was proven overtime through a psychiatrist I was assigned to by the County. I honestly feel it was all orchestrated through God’s help, because I had no idea how easy it was going to be (now that I am on SSi (disability)).

Now, so long as I still have symptoms, I don’t have to work. I only make a modest amount on SSi, but at least I have the ease of a day without any additional stressors (like work, marriage mate, or children).

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Used to be SS denied 80% of all first time applicants, and only approved 20%.
For those who tried a second time (with or without a lawyer) 80% got approved and only 20% were denied.

I applied over the phone, actually my ex initiated the phone call at his shop, and I picked up on the conference call from home midway through the application, was approved 3 months later with check in the mail.
I didn’t need a lawyer at all, but it sure helped that all my hospitalizations and pdoc notes were well documented in my health records.