SSI (not SSDI) experiences

Hello, I was just wondering what kinds of process that you guys went through. I applied in October, filled out paperwork through November and saw a psychological consultant January 7th 2019. How long until I get approved or denied. Also I was hospitalized 4 times in 2018.

What was it like for you?

I’m not sure if this applies to SSI

but they told me when I filed

they keep them all in a file cabinet

and pull out a random one in there

in no particular order, so I had to have

my local off keep on them about getting to mine

money was getting desperate

I think I got it in about a month, maybe less

but this was the second time I applied

as I worked full time for years off of social security

what is your diagnosis?

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Are you schizophrenic dude? I’m European and it’s different then in USA

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@Daze @anon92220549 Schizophrenia

if your’e new, welcome.

4 times in the last year, that’s a lot.

hope your’e getting stable now.

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Welcome to the board. Do you worked?

You should stick around. It’s a nice place with mostly nice people

It took me 2 1/2 years to finally get approved and start getting my checks. Got my first check around new years.

I got denied twice and approved the third time

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Everyone seems pretty nice, Im liking it here.

I have worked like 2 jobs. one lasted like a few weeks in 2016 (kroger produce) and i worked like 3 months in 2017 at a hotel and had to quit\was fired because i wasn’t coming into work (Due to schizophrenia)

I’m not stable but I’m afraid to go back to the hospital. They wanted to send me to the state hospital. I do not want that! so I’m holding off on going until im literally on the edge of taking my life or a real danger to myself.

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For SSI or SSDI?

maybe you need to find reasons worth living for

because life is pretty incredible

are you taking your meds?

SSI takes the same process as SSDI except that you don’t need work experience and don’t get as much money.

It can be short or long process. Really depends on who judges your paperwork and medical history. I wish I had an easy answer other than “it depends”.

How big was your first check?? I heard once they start paying you from the date you apply rather than when you’re accepted but i could be wrong about that.

Someone told me if you apply and keep applying till accepted, your first check will be from the date of your applying. I got approved the first time.

Ps I wanna make that song soon I’ll email you later

I’m getting SSI

I won’t start getting backpay until the lawyers take their cut. The first check wasn’t a lot of money but it is enough to where i can be more independent while still living with my parents.

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I’m going to record the hook for it today as soon as everyone in my house is awake

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Oh word so then I can just fit my verse in between the hooks well??? That’s good because I looked up a couple YouTube tutorials on counting bars and I feel everyone does it a little bit differently almost. Or I’m just plain not understanding it. It’ll work though that way I’m pumped I’ve been killing it lately more than ever…


I am trying to, but i forget to take my meds alot. I have bad memory :frowning:

I thought SSI was a shorter wait time. Like 4-6 months compared to SSID which can be a few months to a few years :frowning:

I really hope i get approved because it really would improve my quality of life actually having a little money.

I’ve found, I say it out loud to Phil

I got all my meds in

it seems to register more with me

even if no one is there, say it out loud to yourself,

you’ll remember, at least I hope so.

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