Different use of brain areas may explain memory problems in schizophrenics

Not sure if it is posted here but something interesting to read: Click here


So that’s why I have memory problems!

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If you search “schizophrenia” in that site you can find many interesting articles… just saying :wink:

I never know how to take that stuff. first, I don’t like the term ‘schizophrenics’.
Second, I’ve done fMRI tests before, and the article doesn’t say if the subject was actively phsychotic at the time of the fMRI. so, is the brain always working differently with people who have suffered from psychosis? or is the brain memory working differently with current psychosis? the article is completely vague on this.

a Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging test is where you’re given an MRI, like we’ve all had now, then you’re asked to do a task. another image is taken while your brain performs that task, and the pixels are compared between your ‘relaxed’ brain, and your active brain, to see where the activitiy in your brain lies. interesting stuff.

but this article is poorly written, vague, or perhaps it was a poorly setup study.