Does MRI really show schizophrenia?

I read articles and watch video that shows abnormality in the brain of schizos. If its possible to tell with that MRI scan, i would like to have it.

I would like to as well, and I’ve had 2 MRIs, and nobody’s offered to read it for that. I am going to push at my next appointment.

I’ve done two CT on my brain. What is the differance between MRI and CT? The first time the doc asked me if I had any illness I know of. I said no. This was before I had my tourette’s diagnose and about 10 years before I got my major psychotic episode. But I did hear voices during that time!

I’m pretty sure my son had an MRI done during his first break. I don’t think they are looking for the abnormalities that they think causes sz. I think they are looking to rule out things like tumors and/or lesions etc that may be causing pressure on parts of the brain therefore causing hallucinations etc. I’m not sure that doctor’s in this setting would even be qualified to read the MRI’s for this.

I myself would be interested to have a specialist in this field read my son’s MRI or even my own.


thank you for saying this, that’s what the nurse practicianer said at my last appointment. I had an MRI done, because when I had the double vision, that’s an indicator of either multiple sclerosis or a TIA - trans ischemic attack stroke.

I think I had a stroke, who would not given the description of my experience. Caregivers out there, you can have a stroke if the stress becomes too much.

I would like it read, there has to be some concrete indicator of Schizophrenia, it seems that it’s just a catch all diagnosis code, if you have a psychosis, it’s coded as Sz .

I see you can have lymes disease, psychosis, and it’s been miscoded as Sz. read that yesterday.

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According to some neurologists, 1/3 of schizophrenics will show enlarged brain ventricles. Mine did.

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exactly! I read that too, I would like to know. I don’t know.

who read the MRI to tell you that, i asked my nurse practicianer, she didn’t know, and they didn’t do it at the center that I went to. I am going to a hospital Thursday with a friend, I am going to ask while I’m there.

My psychoneurologist read it. He was one of the top neurologists in Washington DC.

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MRI is expensive but i am willing to do it. I just need to find the best neurologist to read it.

Here is what the research says about MRIs in schizophrenia:

The research literature shows that schizophrenia has neuroanatomical correlates that can be seen at group level by studying MR images. Structural MRI cannot currently be used to identify schizophrenia at the level of the individual.

More details here:

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One thing you should know is that MRI’s cost a lot of money. My evaluator said that I was so fit and academically accomplished and coherent that he didnt believe I was schizophrenic- he had never seen a schizophrenic like me. He did finally decided that I was very schizophrenic after the evaluation, but he said at first that he might need an MRI to believe it. He said at first he thought I had gotten in trouble and was obviously a bright kid pretending to be insane. He changed his mind after one hour of talking to me. MRI’s are expensive as hell if I remember correctly, my parents told him “No, we live with him, hes been psychotic for well over a year”.

I probably have swollen ventricles, swollen ventricles mean compressed temporal lobes, which are associated with auditory perception. So the end result of swollen ventricles is hallucinations, positive symptoms, which my case consists primarily of. I bet mine are quite swollen, I had a non stop auditories.

I also had oxygen deprivation as a newborn, I was a blue baby. Oxygen deprivation at birth is all over my books, its said to be a possible causation of schizophrenia. So yeah, lucky me.

Most of us do have swollen ventricles, I would bet, but the other physical abnormalities are correlated with problems with executive functioning, and I sure as hell don’t have problems with executive functioning…I mean some of us obviously do have problems with it, and meds dont really do that much good for physical abnormalities, abnormal sizes of parts of the brain.

meds are most effective for people with high positive and low negative symptoms. I fortunately had very low negative symptoms and very high positive symptoms. I am lucky to have a treatable case.

thank you for this article. as I read it, it indicates that the ventricle of a Sz patient was larger than it’s twin, but studies indicate that the larger ventricle is only something like 30%-40% reliable toward diagnosing Sz as the disease, correct?

so, even if a specialist looks at my MRI, then I could have Sz if my ventricle is ‘normal’ sized.

this tracks to what my nurse practicianer said kinda, she said they don’t look for that. do not look at the brains for these ventricle sizes. I wasn’t sure if that’s just because of the budgets being tight? isn’t doesnt matter? I’m still not sure.

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I bet the budgets are tight…
My son was scheduled for am MRI because he started having seizures recently. He had a CT scan-but that would not have shown anything like brain damage from an accident he had at 19. Hit at the temporal lobe. I think they also wanted to see if there was anything from drug abuse also. Well, C. does not want to have it done.

My doctor had me get an MRI with contrast to check for stuff like tumors or infection. He said it looked totally normal.