Difference between men and women

Can anyone ever know?

Because no man has ever been a woman and no woman has ever been a man. From birth cis.

I just get really scared that men think differently and or feel differently and I don’t know if I can ever trust them.

I mean they are physiologically different to woman and so whose to say its not the case with feelings and thoughts too.

Sorry if I sound ignorant, I can’t help it if I’m stupid.

But this is my try at trying to learn from you peeps.


I would like to one day meet a man whom I can trust to tell me all his feelings about women, and men. Am I asking for too much?

It is just effective communication in my eyes, no?

And for me to be the same :slight_smile:

In a relationship that becomes strong over time will make that much easier for him. My husband is honest about what men think like.


Although there are some differences, I think men and women are more equal than we care to admit


I think they are equal, but maybe different. Though how much, I’m not sure. Or maybe they are not different at all, but my gut leans towards some difference.

I mean for example this guy I used to know told me about when he was watching the weather woman on the news and it made him horny.

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Lol, thanks for sharing :ghost:

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I think something like that can go both ways


I think you are right, but to what degree does that similarity go.

I don’t know tbf.

I’ve never felt actually horny from someone on TV that I did not know.

Girls, have any of you felt horny from randomers on TV, not including porn type stuff?

And guys?

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Also many females don’t orgasm from penetrative sex. Wtf.

İ think we can not divide all people into 2 group like man and woman.there is lot of different personalities


I understand there is a lot of different personalities but I still feel like men are ultimately a bit different to women?

Maybe I have not come across many ppl in my life and I suppose I am not a mind reader.

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Actually if you ignore biological differences there is only personalities left and as i say before there is lot of them.but woman seems to more emotional than man because of some hormones


Men seems to be more sexual would you agree?

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I would not agree, men are more open about it, women tend to hide it more, at least that been my experience


I think the problem is the way we’re raised.
People who are raised male are raised to hide “soft” emotions, but are in turn given greater understanding when it comes to primal urges like sex or anger.


I think it’s cos it’s generally easier for men to enjoy the pleasures of sex that’s why.

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I mean cos of the way they are physiologically, anatomically, designed.

I think it’s easier for men to cheat sexually and women to cheat emotionally for that reason. But I’m not sure what I mean by emotional cheating exactly. I’m not sure. Can someone help me out?

Yes i aggree 1515

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