Didn't listen to my doctor

I didn’t listen to my doctor and walked on my broken ankle, I can’t hop on my good leg with a walker and keep the apartment clean. my mother in law keeps telling me to show I love kay by keeping the apartment clean. the doctor threatened me with shifting bones and crumbling bones.

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Geez, you’d better listen to him now. The stuff you say about your in laws makes me angry sometimes. They don’t sound nice.


Your inlaws make me very angry. You’re not in a condition to clean anything, you should rest your foot. Get some rest!

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Your inlaws should show they love Kay by not treating her partner like an indentured servant.


She sounds kind of sadistic to me. Maybe she wants to break you two up.

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that is true they have brought up me leaving several times at least once a week. usually they threaten to send me to my parents house. but what they don’t get if I go kay said she will go too. Then will be all alone paying the bills. What made me mad was when I was in the hospital staying over night for the second night they texted kay to clean the apartment and then made sure she stayed all night so she couldn’t come see me.

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Cbbrown, I don’t know what to tell you. These in-laws are cruel and sadistic and probably ignorant as well.
I can’t really blame you for staying, but if I was you and I had any free time I would put all my efforts into getting out. I have genuine worry that these people’s actions could do you serious harm one of these day.
I 100% feel that to be true. Have you looked into group homes, temporary shelters, residential treatment homes, boarding houses, board & care homes, renting a room in someones house, renting a small studio etc.? I would be less afraid of moving to another state where the rent is cheaper than staying with these people. It sounds like they don’t have a nice bone in their entire body. Now is the time to take a risk and move somewhere else before things get ugly.


thanks for the advice, kay needs to get her butt moving in getting her permit but every time she puts money up for it. her parents come up with some excuse to borrow it and not pay back. they want kay to pay for flooring for the apartment instead of saving to get her permit and getting a car.

Cbbrown, I want you to remember this that I’m going to write right now: there is a solution to your problem. There is a solution out there somewhere to your problem. I don’t know what it is exactly but it’s out there. You just have to put out some thought and effort to find it. If you moved from whatever state you’re in, to my state of California,for example, you would have a fair chance of finding housing for the both of you. I’m not saying you should necessarily move to Calfiormia but this is just an example of a solution that’s out there, and there are many more.


Perfectly said! I second that!

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I live in an old house with some other folks. I don’t feel safe here, but it is so much work to move . . .

Just saying


I feel tempted to go all SAW on your inlaws…would you be mad if I did?

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