I'm having an off day and they're being jerks

I’m not doing so well today. But it’s made worse by my father in law. First he called me a liar twice. So I got ordered to pick up dog ■■■■. He claims I was giving him a look and said he would smack the look right off my ■■■■■■■ face. Then ordered me to sweep the saw dust off the front sidewalk.

He’s just being a super ■■■■■■■ today.

That is to bad. Hopefully your day turns around. :hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick:


Me too I’m sure later I’ll get yelled at again. I wanted to tell him if he hits me he’ll go to jail. And all the abuse will be told to the police. But I’m too chicken all I said was yeah ok Rick

I’m really concerned for your safety @cbbrown.
Stay safe!


He’s threatened to hit me before but I was the one who had to apologize. He never apologizes for his behaviour towards anyone not even his own wife. He says he’s always right. He is a egotistical, jerk. But my mother in law just says that’s the way he is

Call. The. Police.

■■■■ your in-laws. ■■■■ your “partner”. Get the hell out of there. You deserve better.



You deserve better. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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He sounds very narcissistic and domineering. Please don’t wait til he hits you or worse.
I’m speaking from experience. It’s not a dark hole you want to fall into

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You need to get out of there as soon as possible. Nobody should have to live the way you do.

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And that surprises you?


I’m on your side of course @cbbrown, but lately your posts are making me wonder what’s REALLY going on there. The abuse is outrageous and I’ve never met anyone in my life who would take abuse like that. What is the weird hold these people have on you that keeps you from moving out? What power do they have over you that keeps you there when you should have left a year ago?

Just think about it objectively for a minute. One reason you don’t get out of there I guess is because you think that moving would be more stressful, scary, and hard. But taking this sadistic abuse from these people is way more stressful, scary and hard. I guarantee you that if you stay there longer these people (and I use that term loosely) are going to change you. No one can take their cruelty much more without it permanently damaging their self-esteem, confidence or pride. It might have happened already. What is the REAL reason you stay there?


Its hard to narrow it down but every time they want us out they do their hardest to make us want to say we want to stay. I know we can afford to move out but last time we moved out it was only for a few months. My partner didn’t have a job she didn’t even get her high school equivalency yet. All we had to rely on was my money.

I stay for my partner. She doesn’t want to leave them without money. I was a little upset when she said her next pay day she’s giving them 450 dollars.


If you guys left couldn’t she mail them a little something each month? And by the way, it’s good to hear a “practical” answer from you. I don’t mean that in a insulting way, I just mean in your answer you cut to the chase and lay down the facts. But why don’t her parents collect Social Security? Aren’t they eligible? Or why couldn’t they move into Section 8 housing where the government would help pay their rent?

And are you just going to stay there forever? Someone or something has to change. You can’t just go along waiting for some miracle or magical event to happen that gives them money so you guys can get out.

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They are too proud, my mother in law can collect ssi but she refuses to apply. My partner knows this so does my brother in law he’s even tried to convince his mom.

Another reason they’re struggling: my father isn’t driving the truck but work in the shop gets 10 dollars less an hour.

Well her pride is kind of contributing to another persons misery. Yours. But somehow she is not too prideful about taking money from another person who doesn’t have much herself and treating that person like dirt. Apparently she has some kind of weird value system where she exercises her pride selectively. But it’s her own fault for not having money so why should you guys care?

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I’ve honestly had brief thoughts like that. But my partner is so sure they need our help

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are you just going to stay there forever? Someone or something has to change. You can’t just go along waiting for some miracle or magical event to happen that gives them money so you guys can get out.

Think about it @cbbrown.

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