Did you manage to stop the benzos? I want to try it

Tbh, I took klonopin maybe longer than all of you here… something like 7 years…
Lately tbh, I feel a bit better, maybe thanks to the zyprexa. I have a lot of work still to do in order to feel really better mentally, but I want to try without the klonopin now…I took it for too long and maybe the zyprexa helps the anxiety a lot, right?
My current pdoc doesn’t like the benzos, he thinks they are dangerous and maybe he is right…
So, did you manage to stop the benzos successfully once you were a bit better on your ap? I precise again, that I am still fragile, but it’s been years on klonopin lol… Maybe it’s time to try without them, no? I can’t take them my whole life, no? :thinking: plus the zyprexa should help a bit too on that?
How long your withdrawal lasted and was it hard? You come in a good place again once the withdrawal is gone, right?
How long did you take benzos, but you are free of them now, pls? It’s possible without too, right? If I am on zyprexa still…

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Here’s a post I made earlier :

I was on 0.5mg a day of clonazepam, and got horrible withdrawals. The way I eventually came if it was by slowly increasing the amount of days between taking it.

At the beginning I would take it every other day for 2 weeks, then every 3 days for two weeks, etc.

Doing it very slowly was the key.

Good luck coming off it.


Ok, i see. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
But how long youve been on klonopin? I feel a bit now like the zyprexa already acts on my anxiety since some months…
But its worth it to try without benzos, right? :confused: … I just dont see how i can take it whole my life if i continue like this… theres some point in this, right?
Zyprexa helps the anxiety too, isnt it, dear ever?

I think I was on it for a year when I decided to come off it.

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Your ap treatment helped you on the anxiety too or not?
Hmmm, i am on klonopin since 7 years, sheesh… I even started to take it for the emotional pain, not only for the anxiety…
Would you have tried to stop it in my place if you were keeping your zyprexa?

No, abilify makes my anxiety worse!

What are you going to take for anxiety instead? Maybe you should discuss your options with your doctor?

I take supplements (not meds) for anxiety, but they can only do so much.

I am finding, that the zyprexa acts a bit better lately on me on the anxiety, so thats what i’ll continue taking… But i never tried without klonopin so its up to see… My pdoc used to say, that in my case, the zyprexa will work in years for me, cause i was very specific and severe case of sz :confused:
Theres no alternative to the beznos in the psych meds, i dont like the other meds. Depakote for example, wasnt calming at all my anxiety…
But i cant take my whole life klonopin or i can? :thinking: Isnt it the time to try to stop it just now? My current pdoc is very against the benzos in fact, he believes, that a sedative ap is enough…

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Who else is thinking, that I should try to stop the klonopin after 7 years on it, please? I can’t take it till life, no?
My pdoc thinks, that the zyprexa can help the anxiety too with the time…
It’s just that I can’t imagine a whole life on a benzo, it’s time to try to quit it, no? The zyprexa is working probably more than I can see it lately…

I smoke crackbzhshhshs

OK… yeah… maybe you don’t smoke this stuff for real, hah… :relaxed:
Anyway. Does someone understand my dilemma now?
I feel like I need to try to stop this benzo, otherwise I will be doomed to take it my whole life…
Who is with me for stopping it? Lol… it’s time after 7 years on it, no?

Do you wanna take it for life?

Not really tbh… it’s a bit bad for the health… why, would you be on a benzo all your life? Sorry if I sound tough, I have the best intentions to all of you…
I can’t imagine a whole life on a benzo, this looks bad to me…
No one here is on a benzo for life…

If you want to stop taking it, ask your pdoc how to safely wean down from them. Then see how you feel. You can always take them again.

We can’t tell you what to do, or what is right. That is between you and your pdoc.


Yeah, but it got to the point, that I should decide if I can do it without the klonopin or take it till life… My current doc is not very courageous, he don’t impose much his opinion. I just know, that he doesn’t like the benzos at all…
After 7 years on klonopin, I should decide something now, no? It’ll become all my life, if I continue taking it now, that’s all :smirk:

Like I said, if you think you shouldn’t take them anymore

ask your pdoc how to wean off of them

You can’t stop Benzes cold turkey. You need to step down gradually.

OK, I’ll ask him…
But it’s me who should decide now… but do you find normal to take a benzo my whole life? I can’t do this, right?
At least, we found the benadryl for me with my doc for the sleep. This calms down too. But not as klonopin. I always felt the klonopin even on the next day lol :hushed:
Do you know people on benzos all their lives and who are doing it well in their lives?
I am sorry again, if I torture you too :smirk: I was liking the klonopin yeah, i was taking it also even for the emotional pain hah…

I only take a Benzo as a PRN.

I believe there are people on this forum who take Benzes more regularly.

But it doesn’t matter what I take or what someone else takes. It’s your body, your mind.

If you want to continue with it, then you don’t need my permission or approval. Just take it. If you want to get off, then ask you pdoc how to get off safely.

The end. I’m not going to answer anymore of your posts because you keep repeating the same thing over and over.

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OK, not many like me here with my buggings…
Are there people here on benzos till life? I never increased the dosages though for these 7 years, I took always 1 mg…
My pdoc left me to decide if I really need the klonopin… cause it’s helping me yeah…
But I still can’t imagine a whole life on it…
OK, now I risk to turn everyone here angry to me, but do you see my point after 7 years on it? If I continue it now, it risks to be till life…

Klonopin is one of the better benzos to withdrawal from because of its long half life, it helps minimize the withdrawal symptoms a little. If you are going to do this remember it is a marathon not a sprint, go slow and take your time. And don’t quit cold turkey, you could have a seizure and die after being on them for so long.

The standard advice for tapering of benzos is the 10% rule. Reduce your dosage by 10% of your PREVIOUS dose every 4 weeks, not 10% of your initial dose with each reduction. Since everyone is different you can play around with this. You may be able to go a little quicker (10% every 3 weeks), or have to go a little slower (5% every 6 weeks), everyone is different, but the 10% rule is a starting point. You may reduce by a bunch but then run into withdrawal problems, if that happens stop reducing and hold at the dose, or go up one dosage level until things get better and you stabalize, then continue reducing.

This is what I did when I was dependent on klonopin about 2 years ago. I bought a jewellers scale from Amazon that weighs down to 0.0001 grams and slowly reduced my dose. I was on 0.5mg/day and it took me a few months to quit. Near the end I was taking little crumbs every day, I eventually stopped taking it and went to zero. I still had 3 weeks of withdrawals. I would lay in bed having hour long episodes that were kinda like panic attacks, very discomforting. But all that went away after 3 weeks, then I was fine

I am now back on klonopin, this time 1.5mg for insomnia, so if I am ever able to sleep without it I am going to have to go through this whole process all over again. Not looking forward to it.

Good luck!

Thanks Headspark.
But is it a good idea to try without a benzo, what do you think, folks? If I continue it now, I’ll have to take it till life… it’s been 7 years on it.
Do you dislike benzos or if they help a lot, you would take them till life?
It’s my day 2 without the klonopin. I feel more energetic, but my head hurts a lot now and I feel pressure in my head. I am probably overexcited interiorly… but I want to try still… On the net, they say, that it gets hard after the first week. It’s already hard now. I am just sent to the truth, that I am just a mentally ill :smirk: I was so numb for years, so destroyed… But I have mi friends, who deal even without meds so it’s possible… I was in the psychiatry for ten years, they didn’t help my life by an inch tbh… I need an ap though, but they didn’t help much… well, I accept even this now, cause my sz is very complicated… I was isolated for 20 years, it’s sad :disappointed_relieved: yeah, I am sad… anyway.
Who thinks still, that I should try still without the benzo pls? You usually need a month without it to feel better or no, more?
Who else stopped the benzos even though they were helping you?
I’ll see… it can get bad without it here soon. If it’s too bad , I’ll go back on them. For now, I feel the withdrawal for sure…

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