Did you make peace with yourself?

While on psychosis I did awefull things. I was judgemental and angry with them, even thou not in my right mind. I feel very sorry for what I’ve done and seems to be so hard to forget myself.
Did that hapend to you also? How did you manage to forgive yourself for the things you might have done while on psychosis?
For sure I was not myself and now I feel I do not deserve to live. I want the best for them but I made the worse.


I have done more awful things than anyone else in this world according to me. I too feel like I don’t deserve to live but would like to learn about the illness and make some contribution to the society before I die. Even if I am not able to contribute I will die peacefully thinking that I made attempt that is worthy.


Wakeing up with sz diagnose I feel like waking up from mistakes I’ve done. I just wished some of them never happend. Not sure that more than anyone else, but sure were enough.

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I do regret things I said and did while psychotic/depressed. Can one judge oneself with same metrics as when one is mentally stable?

I hope people around me understand me. Threw away precious things when depressed. Never getting those back.

Can’t do much about past things apart from making sure not to repeat them.

I did that as well and also bought things I did not need while manic.

Thanks for sharing.
Thank you @Melomaniac your input made me feel I am not the only one affected badly by sz. I much apreciate it.


I am very brave, vocal and energetic when I am delusional. Have not done things to regret. The one thing I think about sometimes was that maybe I could have had a better career. Maybe I should have started my own business when I was younger and not struggle working for others.


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