Has anybody done stuff they regret while manic

I have I’ve shoplifted vandalized and stole money I’m not proud of it I’m just wondering if anybody has done stuff they truly regret while manic also do you think if you went back in time could you of not done it I know for a fact I was too sick to realize what I did was wrong at the time but that was awhile ago I’m on meds now and doing a lot better

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Geez, I’ve done plenty of things I seriously regret and was never manic. :joy:

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I regret vandalising my apartment and doing other stuff too landing me in the hospital. And I wasted some money that could come in handy for better purposes.


Nothing illegal but a few times I destroyed all of the electronics in my house including cell phones and computers including laptops and PCs.

I also destroyed my entire CD collection and album collection which contained some expensive originals. Probably worth thousands of dollars.

Years back I regretfully wrestled my father to the ground.

I was manic off my gourde!

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I’ve spoken to other patients in the hospital that had experienced mania and they said they felt on top of the world and euphoric. I’ve never been manic but I’ve always wondered what it was like.

I did know a girl who bought 2 houses while manic, so I guess it’s not all its cracked up to be.

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Not all manias are euphoric @Headspark
Although I’ve experienced euphoric highs tons of times.
Out of control manias can be extremely angry and violent.

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I’ve been been ecstatic for brief periods a lot. You know the times when you want to do heel kicks. I have never been manic. The energy would be nice. I’m mostly always content/happy. If anybody tells you they’re happy 100% of the time they’re lying. As I like to remind people contentment is lasting happiness is temporary. I think people conflate contentment and happiness.

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