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could you guess you have psychosis and schizophrenia before pdoc tell you?

Voices told me and the non delusional part of me also suspected it was schizophrenia.

I had to be told three times by different people

4 doctors have diagnosed me with schizophrenia so far. No doubts anymore. No i couldn’t guess it before

Yes. One day I looked for schizophrenia on Google and I found out I had all those symptoms.

wht did u do next

I was hospitalized and when I talked to psychiatrist there in hospital, then I told him.

you had psychotic episode?

I was psychotic.

but tgey say when you are paychotic you have no insight to it

It’s a bit weird, but when I’m psychotic I know I’m not ok. Maybe I don’t have insight at all, but I know I’m not ok.

I knew what psychosis was pretty early on. I feared schizophrenia even while in school. It’s almost a bad practical joke. A bad omen. I never knew or thought I would develop schizophrenia. It’s one of my worst nightmares.

But it’s common for people early on with DP/DR to think they’re going insane, crazy, or developing schizophrenia. I recommend doing some research and maybe joining a forum specifically for DP/DR or a subreddit related to it. But it does sound like you have some type of psychosis or something by the way you communicate.

I took abnormal psychology in college and felt like I had all sorts of disorders, but not schizophrenia at the time. I wasn’t doing well psychologically before diagnosis with sz.

I remember looking at the wiki page for schizophrenia and thinking to myself: “That would ■■■■■■■ suck.”

Well, now I have it.

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i communicate this way cause english is my third language i think

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Makes sense! Thanks for the clarification. I think some cases (most) of DP/DR resolve and are not schizophrenia but some cases (like mine) are. Do you have motivation, drive, etc.? Do you have delusions, hallucinations, or negative symptoms?

I sometimes doubt I even have schizophrenia because I rarely if ever hallucinate. I can count on one hand over the past 8 years how many times I’ve heard or seen a shadow in the corner of my eye.

Even my psychiatrist thought I had bipolar due to genetics, which I found strange. I thought he was trying to get me off disability. I feel like these people are getting too cheap these days.

You gotta be careful who you talk to like a psychiatrist or psychologist or therapist. Some are untrained and stupid in my opinion. It’s hard to find a proper doctor who can diagnosis DP/DR correctly especially the first time. They’re not really trained for it. In fact if you google it, DP/DR is very common and takes years, usually, to get a proper diagnosis. I’m on year 8 and never got a proper diagnosis. Is it even in the DSM-5 now? I know the Europeans have it.

i have two weeks of insomnia and cant sleep for hsving vivid dreams i have hypnogogic hallucibation whn im half sleep like some strange thinkings and pictures pass my mind at night make me sleepless

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i have dpdr for four years

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