Did you have tremendous fears? If meds dont help, should i pay more efforts now?

So hi all! How are you, people?
I think of you my friends, but am participating fewer… Just trying to think less of the sz, it was an obsession for me for years…
Well, I suffer a lot still from my fears. My doc even said, that I am probably passive not because of the negatives, but because of the fears… And the meds don’t help anymore, nope… I tried them all so I want try new ones, no… Only the benzos work a few, but I don’t want to depend on them.
I take my Zyprexa still and the Depakote, but maybe I should boost my confidence now more and give myself more courage?

Were your fears very bad too? Did they get better? How exactly? With attempts and attempts maybe? This can give me a bit more hope… My fears manifest also physically, so I am quite disabled.

I wonder if the fears are a big part of the sz in general? Well, it will be good to know that there’s hope if I just start to try to beat them. Maybe sometimes tricks of meditation too, breathing, trying to think more rationally, things like this…

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What do you mean by “fears,” exactly? Like paranoia, or more like social anxiety and panic?

How does it factor in with your positives? Like, are you only afraid after you hallucinate or have some delusional ideas? Or is it a more generalized anxiety no matter what?

Honestly, I think you could probably benefit from CBT. You don’t seem to be living in your delusions; you have a lot of insight.

There are many things in my fears… Like fear of rejection. also like that the others will get aware of my bad, sinner thoughts too… I am also afraid to be seen as crazy, say some inadequate stuff… I fear that the others will yell at me, which happens in reality too. I am suspicious, I guess I didn’t trust the good in the others for years… I never hallucinated though @Sardonic
In fact my personality is destroyed too, so I am afraid that the others will see my failures, my mistakes… Maybe I should just keep going on… No matter that the others will see me as crazy. Also, too much surrounding stimulations as sounds and colors and people still tire me a bit, so its a source of stress still too :confused:
But maybe I should continue trying? Efforts sometimes help no? I don’t believe in meds so much for me anymore. I speak only about myself… They help many people, but I gave everything already to the docs. I even believed them too much I find.

Yes. My fears have always dominated me. I think they were worse when I was an adolescent, though. I’d sit in class so scared I was sure something inside would break. A lot of people have that kind of condition. In my case, when I get to the bottom of it, my fears are really a great big bore, to be so scared of nothing. So don’t feel alone. Personally, I’ve found things that make my mental illness more bearable. There have been times when I was reading a lot. I’ve read every word Shakespeare ever wrote, at least once. I’ve read the great tragedies many times. It felt great. I live in an assisted living center for the mentally ill now, and it is the perfect place for me to write. Maybe you could take up your pen and write about how it feels to be terrorized by the demons of schizophrenia. Maybe someone will read it, and feel less isolated themselves.

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I think that some therapy would really help you out. There are books you can use, but it’ll probably be more helpful to have a real person to talk to, especially since you’re prone to psychosis.

Oh, and it’s Circle by the way. 👋

I say put down all your fears and inhibitions and do something you enjoy or would like to give a try. Hobbies are so important for us. Going for a walk, giving art a try, reading a book, catch a movie you’ve been wanting to see. When I feel overwhelmed, I look for things that inspire hope. I think about returning to school or creating something meaningful for the sz community. Something, anything, to get me out out of my own headspace.

Thanks, people.
I also suffer from poverty of thoughts and ideas, which is bad for my confidence, I am very aware of this, so I am scared even to talk. So sometimes, I prefer not to talk. But this is very painful state too.Thanks, @gene, ok, looking for the hope, ok :slight_smile:
But being disabled on the emotions, on the thoughts, having fear almost from everything is not promising… Maybe in the end, i’ll never recover. Lots of people say that few recover from sz…

You can read a book about how to confront your fears. It could inspire you. It could help.

I have zero fears and anxiety its actually strange miss those feelings.

I have terrible fears. I recently turned down a good job, because the fear made me so sick.

Does somebody here recovered on his paranoia and tension and anxiety with efforts though? I said it before, the aps never helped my fears or even the paranoia, nope. and god knows, that I gave them quite many chances…

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