Did you have alot of fears growing up as a kid?

I remember growing up I had so many different fears. I feared the dark when going to sleep, I always slept with a nite light even as a young teen. I feared strangers, certain people. I feared being alone in the house. I had a fear of dogs, now I love them and own one. I had severe panic disorder, maybe this was part of it or it could have been signs back then of SZ with a mood disorder - SZA Some fears still remain with me

My fears were the same! Except I dont have panic disorder. Maybe these childhood fears have something to do with SCZ…I just was like “wow” while reading your identical list of childhood fears, they’re the EXACT same ones I had! I do have generalized anxiety disorder though, which is in the same family as panic disorder.

Yeah, I had a general anxiety problem as a child, a lot of fear. I also had what I would describe as waking nightmares, where it was like I was awake, but stuck in a dream/nightmare. They were vivid and terrifying. Now that I think about it, that’s a good description of how I get now.


Fear wasn’t allowed when I was growing up, but once, when I was away from home, I got molested and that caused me great fear.

Psychology field is starting to think most schizophrenics show mental health problems like panic disorder at around puberty age. One of mine was social anxiety.

Yeah I guess people with SZ have anxiety and panic growing up, I guess many do. Chordy I hope things are better for you now

I had a phobia of vomit/vomiting until I started drinking when I was 15, very severe it caused panic attacks even when someone said they had a stomach ache. After I fell down a set of stairs on my stomach in kindergarten I developed a fear of heights and stairs that are steep and or have no rails. Scared of the dark, needed my teddy bear for sleep. Fear of strangers, I was terrified of going through the carwash until I was about 5. I also had waking nightmares or night terrors all the time until I was about nine. So yeah lots of childhood fears

I was afraid of the dark, and as I got older, I became afraid of heights. I can’t go higher than the 3rd rung on a ladder to this day. Forget about tall buildings.

Hey alien, Im afraid of heights also, I am more afraid of going in elevators, especially by myself

I had night terrors too, very frequently

I was a sz since I was 10 years old, I’m used of being afraid and paranoid, now I can control a lot of the symptoms, the only things that I can’t control are (if they happened) the psychotic episode where my horrifying delusions takes place (Capgras delusion), darkness and being completely alone at night with no one to hear me if I screamed. Those scared me before and they still.

I was afraid of my Dad he was very violent, but in my teens i become strong was not afraid anymore what more could he do to scare me you become used to it .

I had a poem i written you can hurt my body but not my soul x

My Mum never smaked me she was kind but afraid she eventually left when i was 17 we lived our lifes she was my only friend and she died then i was left alone but i survived and even stronger now she was the only person i loved in this world now i have a friend called janie i love her x

@Aker I am sorry that you had to go through this, but it seems like you are a stronger person. Its good you have a close or best friend - I need to work on finding friends again

Thankyou yes i become a stronger person, it took a month before i have a full convo with my Friend but with her percaverance and care she helped me in this life she cared for me and loved me, I am much stronger person, So dont give up xx

Was a fearful child. Water, thunderstorms, germs, sickness, doctors, dentists, and when I got to teenage years, had severe panic attacks throughout teens in high school, and social phobia.

@Wave I’m not afraid of elevators since I can’t see out. What does scare me is when they move quickly and your stomach jumps.

I feared my parents, because they were abusive. I feared death, because my older sister died when she was nine and I was seven. I feared school, because I was bullied, including a sexual assault in fourth grade. So, yeah, I had a lot of fears, but they were all rooted in reality.

Caroline Im so sorry sounds herific you poor girl hugs to you for being strong and sharing this with us xx