Did you have alot of fears growing up as a kid?

Thanks, Aker…

Im sorry Caroline, I hope strength follows you too.

@alien99 It happens to me a lot, I hate that feeling

i feared my parents because of the abuse, but now i do not have any fear, which sounds like a good thing but death seems like it beckons me now, so maybe it is good to have some fear !
take care

There seems to be a lot of abuse, I dont know if there is a link to abusive childhoods and SZ.
I was raised in an emotionally charged family atmosphere, where my feelings were not taken seriously.
My Mom suffered from severe depression and was unable to raise me properly, I had my Grandmother but she probably suffered from some form of MI like severe anxiety and some delusional thinking.

@Wave There is nothing worse than feeling your stomach lurch into your throat. When I was 9, before my fear of heights, I rode on the Berzerker, the ride where you are in a pirate ship that rocks back and forth until you are upside-down. To hell with that. Never again.

i have heard that strong abuse in childhood can trigger certain genes e.g the sz gene, in my opinion that is what happened to me . but i forgave my parents ( i never see them ) i just did not forget what they did .
take care

As a kid I rode in a roller coaster, a small one. Never again for me!! :scream_cat:

I bet this contributed to my SZA also.

Thanks, Wave…

My fear was if my hands or legs dangled out of bed at any time a monster would chew them off when I slept.

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Yeah VERY frequently for me too, like almost every night. My mom would try to wake me up once she found out I was asleep and found me wandering the house. So scary. Interesting to find someone that’s experienced that I’ve asked ppl before because I thought it was part of childhood.

I am still not good in the dark as far as sleeping. My fish tank is my night light. But to walk around in the dark, I like it.

I was afraid of strangers because as we all know, every stranger is a kidnapper. I was afraid of small dogs because they can sneak up on you. I like big dogs. I’m good with heights and bridge diving.

Unexpected calls or knocks on the door have always gotten to me.

I am NOT good with spiders. I do freak out if I’m on a street that is too busy or too deserted.

I was always over rattled by sudden loud noises man made noises. Thunder was amazing and I loved that. I had a lot of other silly fears that took a while go get over as I grew.

My sis was trapped in an elevator once during an earthquake and she hates them now. I’m OK with elevators, but she will always take the stairs if she can. She’s good with spiders for me, deathly afraid of bees.

I am really afraid of my sister’s driving. She is a horrid driver. Reap what i sew on that one, I’m the one who taught her.

@mcxmac My night terrors were very intense - one night I had a sleep over at my friends house, we were kids.
During the night I had an awful nightmare - I screamed over and over very loudly, I woke up my friends entire family. It was awkward to say the least

@SurprisedJ Door knocks, doorbell ringing, and unexpected phone calls get to me as well

i wasnt really afraid of anything except horses and even then my fears were conquered when i got my own. funny how u can love something and b afraid of it’s power at the same time…guess i just spent too much time falling off…but i always got back on lol. then i got attacked and that made me afraid of walking around my home town in the dark. it never stopped me going out but if saw a man coming i would cross the road and walk on the other side. but again, that fear was based on experience. i was a spunky kid really. and i’m glad of it. i’m slowly getting it back in known situations and i’m ok socially. just don’t like driving places i don’t know is all and big multi lane roads as we had an accident on one. but then i was scared of driving on motorways b4 then too. but that was just paranoia because of smoking dope…silly girl i was. horrible dirty drug. wish i’d never touched the stuff now…oh if i could live my life again huh.

Im glad you are conquering your fears. I have been doing this more, thanks to my med cocktail

Always afraid of Authority figures. Still am. :police_car:

Authority figure make me really uncomfortable and paranoid. They didn’t when I was growing up, but they sure do now.

@BakedBeans @drewleo34 Me too Im the same way exactly :oncoming_police_car:

It wasn’t until i tasted of pain and death that i developed fears.

As a child i didn’t fear much, now it’s a different story.

The dark, the bathtub, the toilet, what lurks outside, other people, myself and what was happening to me, that I would hurt someone.

I had a lot of fear, I probably still do carry fear. I deal with it because I think to myself, if it is going to happen then what can I actually do to stop it from happening? I spent a lot of time wondering about the what-ifs and it pretty much took over my life, I made no progress for years and I am working on undoing that damage now.

I guess you could say I fear what could/will happen, but I do not dwell on that fear.