Did you have a good memory before your illness?

I used to have a brilliant memory when I was diagnosed with dyslexia they said I had the memory of a 12 year old when I was age 8 dunno what that means but yeah.


I have good memory
of details

After the illness i forget everything.

Uh, what’s the question again?


Yeah, it’s was really strong. I’d recall information very very well, scored in the top 1% for every subject in the national exams, 16/17 yrs old

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In some ways it was excellent, and in other ways not too good. Mental illness hasn’t changed that.

I had very good memory a long time ago. Getting old.

I forget meetings and What to buy.

It used to be great. After my first episode my memory became horrible. I am really scared for when I get older.

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My poor memory has more to do with my trauma than my illness I suppose. But I guess my trauma has to do with my illness so idk.

As a computer programmer, I used to have to have excellent recall. Now, not so much. I forget things I was thinking of 10 seconds ago LOL.

But this is really a combination of head injury, trauma and yes, schizophrenia

The two things I especially have difficulty remembering to do.

1.Brushing my teeth
2.Taking oral meds

Damn, if I didn’t make a note every day on a post-it and stick it on the refrigerator I would forget to wear my golden crown when I’m out in public.

i don’t have a good memory… i’m not sure how it was before i got really sick but i think it was better than it is now.

My memory used to be excellent. Like, I could skim over a page of notes and memorize it almost instantly. Now, I have trouble remembering if I ate at all today :confused:

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When I was in 4th grade my teacher complained all I did was stare out the window. I wasn’t doing my school work and failing. The school system thought I was slow so they tested my IQ.

I got my school records for disability about 10 years ago. My memory skills were off the charts. On a scale of 1-10 the psychologist had me at a 10. She noted I had a near photographic memory. I passed all the memory tests at 100%. My IQ would have been higher but I had poor reading skills.

In high school I was a talented artist and could draw anything from memory. I was in the special art class that only excepted 2 students a year. My teacher was entering my drawings in contests at the local college.

I haven’t drawn since I got schiz 25 years ago. My memory is like swiss cheese right now.

I had a gift and I lost it when I got schiz.


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