Memory and other things

I just have a couple of questions.

  1. Does memory ever return? I have suffered a many year psychosis and am now a schizophrenic and although I am on meds and well enough now, my memory is clearly flawed and I cannot remember basic things I witness. I have an IQ ranging from 120 to 147 depending on the test so I am not worried too much about memory, but I would like to know if it ever gets better after being hammered away by psychosis.

  2. Can doctors stop you from stopping your meds if you have been on a community treatment order and have been wellish for years? (UK).

  3. Is a bad memory enough to warrant disability?

That’s all I can remember I wanted to ask right now.

I too have a bad memory from many years of sza psychosis, according to my pdoc. I CANNOT memorize my piano musical pieces, no matter how short or simple the piece, for instance. In order to learn a musical phrase, I have to play it over and over again twenty times. Not five times, like most people. It’s just harder for me. And even then, I have to play with the score in front of me. I could never play a piece from memory. That’s why I can’t play in recitals.

I don’t know if your memory will ever return to 100% but it does get better with time. I don’t know if the medications effect it too but my memory has been getting better as time has passed. It can be difficult because I had a very good memory was sharp and quick with things until my psychosis.

It’s a pain in the ass but you just have to stay patient and hang in there and a bad memory is not enough to warrant disability.

Thanks for the replies.
I figured bad memory wasn’t enough to warrant disability but I thought I would ask.

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