How's your memory?

My memory sucks…anyone else?

Mine is too good.

What sucks is remembering everything.

I solve math problems when I’m anxious figure since I’m already counting I might as well teach myself math to distract myself.

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Not what it used to be.

I used to read something once and then remember it for a semester or even longer.

I could also memorize up to a page of writing on notebook paper photographically.

All that is broken now. It’s good enough to do well but I try three times as hard to make it work.

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Join the club. I can barely remember anything from before high-school and I think a lot of that is because that is when the symptoms first hit me and i was originally diagnosed. Kind of like what do you call it…mental break down?

My memory also sucks. Long term and short term. It’s very annoying and frustrating. But I suppose I will just learn to live with it along with my other symptoms. Things could always be worse :slight_smile:

My memory is… I don’t remember anything, I just seem to remember a thing or two. Everybody talks about this and that and I don’t remember a thing. I don’t even remember my relatives and relationships…

My temporary memory sucks, my working memory sucks, my long term memory sucks.

It’s like broadcasting tv, it doesn’t remember, it just shows us the broadcast signals

When 2016 january 1st comes it looks like 2015 january was yesterday


that is how my memory works

I wish I get a simple paid online job

When I’m under stress, I forget all my experience and focus on what’s stressing me. If I could just remember a couple of coping tricks I might be better off. But when I’m relaxing I can remember stuff from my childhood very clearly. I can remember playing; I can remember people and experiences from many periods of my life. I can remember books I’ve read. I like to reminisce often.

my past is kind of blur except for what must be hundreds of flashbacks about regrets that i have. They mostly cycle. even the flashbacks i have trouble remembering until i have them. My memory is decent enough that I can go to school, at least part time, but nothing compared to what it used to be.

My memory suck too. Pdoc said nothing is wrong with my memory, I am unfocused and disoriented. I don’t know what day it is.

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My memory isn’t that bad, but I sense a decline from what it was. I actually thought I was worse, but now I’ve been using the brain more and it’s not that bad afterall.

Used to just forget about the smaller things…used to be amazing. Now it seems to deteriorating cause of the pill consumption. Maybe one day…these pills can make me forget that I’m mentally ill to kill the auto triggers.

Really bad memory is a side effect of abilify for some people I think. I suffer from it.

Like @Comatose my pdoc said there is nothing wrong with my memory. I’m just having senior moments. But it really sucks when I’m reading a letter from my brother-in-law in response to a letter I wrote him, and I don’t have a clue what I said in the letter.


Mostly in the short term though. I retain information well, but I have a very loose grasp of what’s going in real time

My long-term memory is fantastic. My short-term memory is like the proverbial Minotaur’s Maze. Things going missing in there all the time. The things that make it through the maze, I own those for life. I rely heavily on the Memory Palace (related info) and Roman Room (unrelated info) memorization techniques



Mine is actually quite fair. I don’t remember pointless things and I am good at remembering useful things. It all is balanced between useful vs. useless information.

My short term memory is bad.

My long term memory is good.