Did you ever commit a crime, under the influence of your voices

I have been controlled by my voices persistently for the last 7 and a half years. It has been hard for the last 5 yrs. I hear good spiritual voices but these voices have been telling me to do all sorts of things, somethings that could be perceived as criminal but I was of innocent intention when I did them…

For example, when I was on a train in Wales, I was told by my good spiritual voice that there was a Satanist sitting behind me on the train. The good spiritual voice told me that this Satanist was as evil as anything, and that God was being tormented by these Satanists. My good spiritual voice told me to spit in the Satanists face, I did this but I ended up getting arrested.

Have any of you had to do things, that could be perceived as criminal but youre really innocent as youre doing them out of good intentions.

My voices and delusions go together. I have done illegal stuff under the influence of delusion many times. I’ve been lucky with a few of the incidents. There were a few that I was fined and since it was obvious I wasn’t doing well, I was handed over to my parents.

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When I first got sick I wasn’t hearing voices but I believed God was telling me to chose whether I lived or died. I was very suicidal. My mom took me to the ER. After I was evaluated and waiting for a bed, I saw a cop down the hallway. He had his back to me so I walked up and tried to take his gun to shoot myself. I struggled with him and another cop came up and handcuffed me. They put me in four point restraints. For the next few hours I was hallucinating and calling out to this female cop I saw that wasn’t really there. I was very psychotic. They didn’t arrest me and I ended up going to a state hospital. It was a very scary time. The courts gave me Pre-Trial Intervention which is a step below Probation. I can have my record expunged soon. Good luck to you. :sunny:


I have never done anything like that. I became very passive when I had psychosis. I was terrified and alone. Voices kept scaring me that I’d die or have maggots in my brain. The voices are much nicer now. But it happens that they tell me to push ppl or trip them over. I have not done what the voices tell me.


When I was 17 I was sure that my 6 year old kid sisters little school was brain washing her. They were going to turn her against me. There were kidnappers at the school and bad people who would hurt her. I had to save her from the brain washing. I drove to her little elementary school and during her lunch I just picked her up off the play ground and left with her. Did not check in,… nothing. Just grab and go.

I got reported as a kidnapper… very ironic for me. There was a chase, there was police involved. My parent’s weren’t going to press charges against their own son for taking their own daughter, but I was already in full blown psychosis and chased down, restrained, and taken in. That was my 17 year old break that got me landed the very first time in hospital.

I was told that it was obvious that I was headed to the hospital rather then jail.

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You all went through a lot and I would never share my story to anyone who couldn’t relate with me. My voices were telling me to take my clothes off and I got charged with child molestation. I was never anywhere near a child nor would I do such a thing. But the cop saw it fit for the charge. Another example telling us just how well cops understand the mentally ill under the influence of psychotic episodes.

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@lesterwaynedobo… I was in a similar situation…I was under command by voices to strip naked and walk naked down the main street of my capital city…and this was at 2 in the afternoon…I was lucky I wasn’t killed…

Funny thing is I do come across it that stripping naked is a command a lot of schizophrenics get, a guy I met in hospital did the same thing, and Ive read books about others doing it too.

But anyway, I know how you feel. I was lucky I wasn’t caught by any cops when I did it. I was under command to do it, but I was able to put my clothes back on after 200 metres and then I just did a runner.


I was super drunk and on antidepressants one night and I was convinced by the voices that my friends all wanted me dead. I ended up being belligerent and slapping everyone in the face and challenging them to fights. I have always been lifting weights and I have a couple of belts in Krav Maga so seven policemen came and took me to a crisis assessment center for the night. I was compliant, I knew I was possibly just insane and I just gave up.

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Yeah Karl good thing you put back on your clothes. There was something funny about my incident though. Two women in their vehicle drove past me twice stopped and were just staring lol. And a woman down the street insisted on giving me her phone number! I’ll never forget that. But yeah someone phoned in to the cops when they seen the naked man. Only if I were on an island, surviving like that show Naked and Afraid.

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There was also an occasion when, under command of voices I had to deface a painting of a naked woman. Yeah I was told to get a bucket of paint and throw it all over the painting which was outside an antique shop in the city centre of my hometown. The shopkeeper was being deliberately provocative in having the naked woman out on the street, in full view of everyone.

Well my voices commanded me to chuck the paint over the naked woman, I duely did this but had to make a quick escape, as the shopkeeper saw me do it and gave chase. I was lucky to get away, as I didn’t have much pace myself.

I suppose you could think I was a bit of a prude but in truth you gotta obey your voices!

Who says you gotta obey your voices? I hope you still don’t. All it would take is a run in with some cops and u will be tased or even shot.

I will take the fifth on this one :slight_smile:


@lesterwaynedobo…I was just looking back with humor on some of the things Ive done in the past.

Yeah Karl humor is the best way to reflect upon what you did during an episode. Like when you listen to your voices command too much you’ll do a bunch of odd and unexplainable things. There is no good way to explain the voices. When we lack control of our stability and do things based upon our crazy imagination it makes no sense.

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Bump to the top…I was just wondering are there any other responses to this original post…has schizophrenia voices been responsible for bizarre behaviour by yourself?

I’ve never done anything illegal that i know of but i have had delusions where i thought i commited a crime. I thought i killed one of my landlords, i even saw blood on my hands and tried to wash and wipe my hands.

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I had a reoccurring waking nightmare… where I would wake up convinced that I beat the hell out of my kid sis.

I was sure I did it. I had a vivid memory of beating her up. I would lay there in bed dreading getting up and feeling like I should kill myself for the horrid things I did to her.

I could see it in my head like a clear memory… breaking her arms, kicking her, hitting her… and it was enough to make me want to die. I was in a panic and terrified at what I did to someone who means so much to me.

But then she would walk in without a scratch on her. I didn’t touch her. She was perfectly fine. It was all just a hallucinatory delusion. You know, I haven’t had that for a while. It used to happen a lot when I stupidly revisited my pot days for a few months.

talking about there here… makes me realize… it hasn’t happened in a while. Ahhhhh… :relieved:

i am currently getting commanded to get naked and go out

Welcome back Fear… how have you been?

I would goto restaurants and eat, and leave and not pay, my psychosis was complicated and part of it was I had special priviledges and didn’t have to pay. I also rode trains, ferries for free. It was nice while it lasted :slight_smile: