Why listen to voices?

So I’m dx paranoid sz I’ve done plenty off seemingly crazy things, have felt others have wanted me to do or act certain ways for certain reasons that were all wrapped up in my delusions. I once misunderstood a vision that I thought was from God. I denied to do it because it was wrong. So I’m having problems understanding why people with SZ do things they say a voice told them to do. For example defense to a crime. I know all our physcocis is different ,but could someone please enlighten me on this. Or share your thoughts. Thanks.

Hope not to offend anyone just wondering if there’s a part of physcocis I have never experienced or is just a way to get out of a crime for some?

logic is somehow the reality of our own. though you know it is a signal from so called god, but you still deny it, it sounds great…

So do you think these people, like I did, think it was a command from god ,but even though they know it’s wrong they do it to impress god . Or there perception of right and wrong is distorted.

is there god for you?
if there is no god, no demon for you anymore, will you still think like this?

see, you havent allowed the command being processed once, and nothing like a concequence for your belief

Sometimes acting on the voice is the only way to shut it up, and sometimes in our delusions right and wrong become blurry. This is why medication is so important. Good people, evil disease sometimes.


Sometimes you do it to make the voices stop. When I recently started hearing voices they said they would meet me outside and have to do a surgery on me to fix me. I knew I wanted the voices to stop so I went outside. Surprise. They weren’t there. No matter how you look at it your psychosis can have you very easily at a disadvantage.

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My voices (mainly one now) tell me to hurt myself. I’m never told to hurt anyone else. I can resist more effectively now then when I was young. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with the loudness and persistence of the command. I know I shouldn’t hurt myself but I get broken down, and I get convinced that it’s actually a good idea.
I can’t speak for anyone else, and I get tired of people using MI excuses, but I do follow directions to hurt myself sometimes because I come to believe it’s the right thing to do.


Trippy ■■■■ man. My voices go into tactile hallucinations, they beat and rape me. They’re the lowest, scummiest people on the planet and they take whatever they want inside of me. Just hearing them, getting hit in the face by them, it goes to show that they have to stoop low to get ahold of me and try to ruin me.

Sometimes I think I’m a targeted individual because I quit the military and found other work. Sometimes I think the va is just a holding cell to placate returning veterans with barely anything. It’s a scam, and a shame.

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Because they are so real and compelling.

Although they aren’t nearly as persistent as when I was acute.

It’s like them telling me if I turn my phone off for more than 15mins they will come and shoot me. It was all so real. They also filled it with more content like they want to be able to listen into what I say or track my every move, so they know when I left my mums house.

I think part of my recovery has been ignoring them till they go away or better still blasting them with music and mindfulness!

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My inner voices lie to me. Sometimes they say ‘we love you’ and sometimes they say ‘you better watch out’. It’s hard. I used to believe them until they burned me several times. Now I am afraid of them. I take my meds. I prefer not to have them at all but, even when I don’t hear them or get thought insertions, I still fear they will cause me to be hurt. No trust.


I’m sorry, @neveragain. I also have tactile hallucinations, but only my companion angel’s presence at my right shoulder, and often touching my arm. Sometimes hovering over me and intimidating me. Nothing violent, though, even when "he’s " berating me. And sometimes I feel things crawling on me.
I hope for an end to your violent attacks. You are not a target and I hope you find peace of mind.


Why did you flag me man?

They say if I don’t do what they want they’ll hurt or kill someone I love or kill me. Plus the voices say they’ll stop if I do it. Sometimes they stop sometimes they just change the command to something else.

They will never stop don’t listen to them don’t do a single thing they say. They lie all day and night and they’re just hallucinations they don’t deserve your attention.

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