Did you ever commit a crime, under the influence of your voices

not too well J
i got off the injections and meds. gained weight from those injections. been to the hospital twice this year already. might be going back

Some years ago I was in a brawl at a bar while hearing voices.

Bump to the top, anyone else got a post/answer to the original question?

I’ve never had command hallucinations but I have broken the law during episodes. I haven’t ever been arrested though, just taken to the hospital each time.

i didn’t do anything illegal but I tied my dog, my favorite dog in the back yard with just food and water over a week…he was used to sleeping on my bed but I thought a demon was in him. He was a besenji and my best friend. I wish I hadn’t done that. I still feel bad about it. I was completely delusional so I guess that’s a good reason it happened.

Yeah I’ve never had voices tell me to really do anything. But I was arrested for simple assault one night while drunk and delusional…

It felt like a stranger in my head, he did it, not I. Personal distance from myself was a cause. I did not think to grab my breast, which would have stopped me. The way I was raised, one didn’t do that.

I got into a brawl with a group of barangay police 3years ago because my voices commanded me to. Our neighbors didn’t know I was paranoid sz before that. I was known as a good guy from a good family. They were on my defense when the police came to investigate. They just told the police that I was the other day seen with a group of drug addicts. They suspected I was persuaded use illegal drugs. So I was sent to a halfway house for rehab. I do remember though feeling indestructible, and having psychedelic experience the night before the event, so I suspected something was put on my drink or food.

Recently, God’s voice commanded me to kill myself or kill someone to show my faith to him. I told the voice I couldn’t do it, the best I could do was to jump off a 15ft terrace, which I did. One of the worst decisions of my life. I’m still young and I’m lucky I did not get paralyzed.

I have strong command hallucinations with no “insight” when unmedicated. And a lengthy legal history of various types of unlawful entry and destruction of property as a result. As well as some rather garish scars from trying to dig things out of me as directed. I’m on court ordered injections and they filed to extend them another year. I find out later this week if they were successful.

To the person above: I’m glad you’re not paralyzed, too. I’ve been fortunate in a similar fashion. I’ve not managed to go off, been accosted making a run for it, but if I had and lived I’d’ve broken my back at the very least. Glad you’re ok.


No, I have a hard time doing anything when the wave comes.

These are more than commands.

They are in your minds.

This is different than just someone walking up and telling you to do it. You could say no in a situation like that.

One girl even began to burn herself when they started in on her.

It’s different than a command you can say no to in my opinion.

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