Do your voices tell you to do stuff?

I think it’s ■■■■■■■■ I’m watching life on a psych ward but that’s like the stigma all the time the only thing my voices told me to do was tell my best friend I’m bisexual and I obviously didn’t

My voices try to tell me to harm myself. I have no real desires to do so, but it gets kind of upsetting at times because they get so relentless. They were getting bad this morning but I stopped doing what I was doing and they seemed to have calmed down.

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Ah that’s good man sorry what ur going through, I can’t trust my doctors they don’t know what’s going on in my head and their adamant I haven’t got schizophrenia just drug induced psychosis so idk if I cope better or what but I did make threats that if I was schizo I’d be a gonna he said schizophrenia can’t even boil eggs!?!

My voices tell me to kill myself and to eat ■■■■

Can u boil eggs?

Yes but everything is hard to do because of the condition it’s been awhile since I’ve boiled any eggs but give me a couple go’s and I could still probably do them perfect.

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Yeah it’s hard exercising and working when before I anhiliated it

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Bro I used to bench 260kg now I can only bench 100kg it’s ■■■■■■ and it’s been like that now for years

■■■■■■■ hell you tank I train 50kg on chest I haven’t done a one rep max yet what was your deadlift and squat like?

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This was over six years ago but my squate was 300kg and my deadlifting was something like 220kg because I’ve had back problems as a child but I was still happy with that. Although my lifts would have been more if I didn’t get schiz soon after now I’m a fat mofo lol

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How long have you been into lifting?

5 years now I started as a fat fvcker I’m 18% body fat :((( how long have u and r u natty?

I haven’t trained for years because of how disabling this condition is I’ve put on over 30kg of fat which I am loosing I started lifting weights when I was 4 my father got me into it but it made my mother upset lol but anyway over the years I practised techneque but never really lifted much it was only when I turned 23 that I got serious about it had to give it up at 25 yes all natural it’s not worth the health issues and potential for a short life span just to look good you must also be good. My father was always against steroids as well but he was trained by and trained with pro powerlifter and bodybuilders in aus back in the late 70s I think so I learnt from him it’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to give up.

I can still do light exercises though

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That’s so cool man I’ve put on 20pounds of fat these meds dont even work miracles like,

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I spoke to my doc I will be off my meds in a few months they are just slowly taking me off them. I think I will do ok next year man its Christmas soon new years coming.

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Back when I was very ill and being sexually abused by demons (evil spirits?), yes I was told what to do. If I didn’t listen I was raped or otherwise hurt/abused. Now thankfully that doesn’t happen anymore, though I have had periods where I had demons yelling at me to attack other people. I don’t listen to them now because they can’t do anything to me.

They don’t tell me to do anything.

But it’s an endless philosophical debate with them and there is non stop talk about things unnatural as well.

They also at times tell me the cards on a poker game my family plays.


I dont have voices anymore and have not for years.
Been over 10 years i think.
I get paranoia and strange thoughts and beleifs but nolonger have voices.

They did not usually tell me to do things but were really nasty.
Everyday said im ugly inside and out and that im hated when i studied maths woman was screaming shes better than me at maths and she would make sure i fail n when i studied she would scream.

They said about killing me and my x , gunshots , screams of victims and that i could do nothing and that i was never loved by family n friends etc
(but i wasnt even in my body someone else was so its not like they knew me anyway i reckon)
some of them might know my spirit.

I used to hear moaning all the time and i hated it.
It was torment for me and of course i wasnt “getting any” and if i did it was so bad. lol

They would manipulate me a lot.
Saying i had spiritual boyfriend etc and then that no one would be with me unless they were paid or pretended .
Said moaning would stop if cut my feet.
but it didnt so he/they lied.

I was told to cut my feet and he would stop cheating on me if i did but when i did he said it was not deep enough although it drew blood but i refused to cut any deeper as ive never been suicidal or prone to self harm.

This was years ago.

They said im not welcome anywhere.
Beyond outcast.etc

The only thing i can think of where they ever told me to do something was to cut my feet.
I dont even have scars but it did draw blood but i am not prone to self harm im against it i love myself to much for that.
Although some argue if it has good outcome that takes away suffering…

The voices said heaps of things but i cant remember it all right now.

was one girl who used to say “daddy” and she was like a demon but was a real person and she got what ever she wanted because she had sex with this man.
Anything she wanted she just said “daddy” and was manipulative.
I hated hearing her and feeling her in my body.

I had others living in my body and acting as me because i wasnt “at home” in those days.
As younger child was empty n just pain as older it was others in my body living as me and they were not good to n for me.

I feel more like myself now and love that.

My voices have told me to hurt myself and others in the past. Right now they’re just harassing me.