Did you eat today ?>

and said to yourself something uncommon to earthy beings


I just ate a handful of fried almonds. Yum.

For lunch I ate faux turkey fillet.

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I had chicken nuggets that was all

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I eat chocolate lots of choooocoletttte

I had perogies, a piece of farmer sausage, cherry tomatoes and a slice of old cheddar cheese


I made korma curry and ate it all day long!


All sounds yummy!

We’re big football fans, so we ate during the games. We had appetizers, like shrimp and pretzels. Then he had pizza. And last we had a football shaped ice cream cake!

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I ate basically nothing but sugar, sugar, and more sugar today. Plus fat, salt and decaf coffee. I’m really deteriorating in the diet department lately.

I had pepperoni pizza from Costco! :pizza:
It was delicious!

I just had a turkey burger and a few potato chips.

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