I ate like a king today

I had:

  • 4 cheeseburgers
  • about 3 bowls of frosted flakes (I think 3 – kinda lost count)
  • half of a sub sandwich

I don’t eat this much frequently, but I had to live it up.

What did you eat today?


That sounds awesome haha. I had a bunch of healthy stuff but i ended the day with a couple pieces of milky way cake. YES, I SAID MILKY WAY. Lol it was delicious


Me too ate a lot today

10 crackers with cheese
2 glasses of wine
2 slices of pizza
Slice of :cheese:
10 cigarettes

This is the most i have eaten in a while


@MsBuddha, I need pizzaaaaaaa im gonna die if i dont have some soon.


you ate cigarettes? how did they taste lol

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Yeah you dip it in ketchup :smile_cat:


Why thank you kind Sir.

Yes, I am a big dude. lol. But hey I got a big heart :sunglasses:


i ate a bowl of oatmeal, a spoon of peanut butter, an apple, a banana, a steak and a bunch of spinach


Tut, Arthur or Elvis?



Hmmm those are all cool picks. Elvis, because I have a book about him I need to read (Last Train to Memphis)

Thank you for reminding me about that, Nick!

e(Y)e Shoved Large Handfuls of Sunflower Seed to be Chopped (by) my teeth and Tenderly Drop into my Deafening Belly at around wakey wakey T(Y)me … ,

and e(Y)e Drank Some Mountain Dews … ,

Why , you ask … ,

Because e(Y)e wanted too … ,

e(Y)e ALSO Fed Some Birds … ,

They Get Hungry as well … ,

Overall , , ,

It’s Been a Good Dai … … …

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I applaud you Ma’am.

Can I have a slice of that pizza?

@sigarino I haven’t had steak in ages! That had to have been good. :smiley:


I had some Popeyes chicken, it was cold and leftover from the the other day.
Dorritos nacho chips too.
Ew, I just realized that’s not very good.

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I don’t think I’ve ever had Popeyes. Is it any good?

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It’s so much better than KFC…at least in our town.
I grew up on KFC, but two have closed which left one, and what happened to their food I have no idea but it stinks, not to mention their VERY terrible customer service.
So I found Popeye’s across town, and it’s pretty good.

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i had

  • 3 big bowls of corn flakes
  • bananas
  • strawberries
  • chicken nuggets
  • sudden dinner: rice and turkey
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A plain bagel, a chicken sandwich, a bite of apple and multiple cups of tea.

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