What did you eat today?

I just had two eggs sunny side up. It was marvelous and definitely a boost and eggs are cheap. I’ve decided I’m going to eat eggs for breakfast instead of toast for the high nutritional value. For dinner I will have grilled chicken and rice (I practically have this every night).

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2nutri grain bars.
Fig newtons and banana.
V8 juice.
Jersey mikes sub for dinner.

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Cake all day. 151515

I had a caramel apple. Yum.

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Teriyaki chicken TV dinner for lunch and chicken pot pie for dinner

Toast for breakfast and lunch - Tuna casserole for dinner.

I ate a spanish dish called “Fabada”.

1/2 an avocado
a bowl of broccoli
a banana
an apple
and for dinner I had an amazing sandwich from this shop down the street with ham, pineapple, green peppers, and cream cheese. It’s now my new favorite sandwich.

I pretty much only ate junk food. I do that cuz it makes me temPorarily happy but then I’m left sadder when I gain weight.

Meat of course and some snacks, I mostly drink liquids all day doe

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