Did anyone with a schizophrenia spectrum disorder not expereince a lot of trauma in childhood?

I am suspecting that trauma in childhood is a main contributing factor and maybe a prerequisite for psychosis. I have had a lot of trauma in my childhood and think that I would not have schizophrenia without the traumas.

I feel like my psychosis has been the cause of most of my trauma :unamused: Though I can’t claim my home life was totally untraumatic either I suppose.

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No childhood trauma here.

I experienced no childhood trauma, though I have been ill since my childhood, therefore there was no time for anything to occur which could have caused me to have this disorder, as I already did.

No trauma here either.

You would probably still have schizophrenia. I had no trauma in my childhood

Had a great childhood. Trauma in my twenties brought out sza

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Had a great childhood

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Minor traumas in my childhood, but I think traumas from 15-22 brought it on.

I believe mine was caused by thc

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Oh yeah, or the acid😅

Never did acid just weed… buuttt i mayswell of done it because i did k2 black magic and a few others.

Tripped balls.

Saw the words i was saying coming out of my mouth and dissapearing and had severe depersonalization

I had childhood trauma. I also had trauma in adulthood (my teens and twenties).