Can childhood traumas cause schizophrenia?

I’ve been wondering about my diagnosis lately. Wondering if it’s accurate. Yes I have psychosis and mood symptoms. But the interesting thing is I first got the start of my psychotic symptoms less than a year after a sexual abuse incident when I was 12. The symptoms started mild and didn’t get worse till I was around 19, so I don’t know? I want to bring this up with my psychiatrist and therapist and see what they say. So what do you all know? Can childhood trauma or sexual abuse cause psychosis? And if so then it wouldn’t be true schizophrenia right?

Plenty of people go through trauma without experiencing psychosis.

12 is when you start becoming a teen, and schizophrenia can manifest in the teenage years.
The trauma could have triggered it, but if would have to have been an underlying condition waiting to be triggered.

Just like drugs trigger psychosis in those who are already prone to it, while others can 420 blaze it all day every day and never be affected.


I might be wrong but Eleanor Longden had childhood trauma, and then developed sz. Might be worth you listening to her ted talk

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trauma can definitely cause pychosis. Unsure if it can cause schizophrenia


Thanks for the explanation @Pikasaur that makes a lot of sense to me.

By underlying condition she meant genetic predisposition to SZ. I learned in psychology courses that it takes both to cause a mental illness, an environmental trigger that triggers a genetic predisposition.

My only environmental trigger was stress from university and my young uncle’s death.

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Trauma can’t cause schizophrenia at least that’s what my doctor told me but trauma can cause psychosis which the disorder would then be called PTSD.

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