Did anyone experience blackouts while in psychosis?

I don’t remember when I was psychotic so my memory is not good.

I had overdosed on Haldol and was in the ER. I only know that I was intubated at one point and then I pulled the tube out but I remember none of it, I just woke up in the ICU. There’s also things in my past that my family tells me but I have no recollection of things…like they tell me I worked a while at Taco Bell, yet I don’t remember a damn thing about it. BTW, Taco Bell’s refried beans are apparently a dry powder that is rehydrated…I told them this, so it must be true!

i’ve heard people say this before.

I was very aware of all of my psychosis even when I dehydrated myself from running from voices 3 days straight I mean :dash: running. I was so alert I could hear the neighbors conversations next door yep probably my voices there again to lol

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