Did anyone experience blackouts while in psychosis?

I experience blackout while in psychosis, did anyone else had this?

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unfortunately no, that probably would’ve been a blessing…I was always highly terrified.

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I just want know what I did, do you think their anyway to recover those memories

I don’t know. That may sound weird but I think I may. I have periods of missing or blank memory. Like a 3 month block of my Army life is just not there. I am only just learning how to define when I’m experiencing psychosis. Or what counts as a psychotic experience. It is often a confusing train of thought. I have no recall of what happened during the gaps of memory. I just have to believe what folks tell me.

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3 month of missing time, that scary.

Only when some idiot doc forced me on 10mg/day of Ativan. Can’t remember anything of the full week. Apparently I told the judge I would stay voluntarily. Thus forced stay ended. A few days after, I woke up for a few minutes, it’s the only moment I remember, and told them: I am going home. No idea how I got there, it’s a 2.5 hour trip. :woman_shrugging: Found some photos I made at home. Looked like I was drunk. Can’t remember anything until I lowered the Ativan again.

If I need Ativan, I normally use 0.5mg. It’s enough to make me sleep for a full night. And be drowsy next day. 10mg?!?

that’s crazy 151515

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Yes. It is. I was scared about it for a long, long time. I had photos from all sorts of places I didn’t even remember. Freaked me out. The same doc was pissed off later that I went home. Because I promised to stay. I didn’t even remember seeing a judge…or anything at all…let alone making a promise.

It was a big part of my medboard discharge.

I broke my arm and I’ll never know how or where it happened.

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That is creepy.

Only indirectly when I ran into the corner of a wall head first, at the psych hospital trying to escape a injection.

while i was in psychiatry hospital for about 3 months i dont remember anything at all. i think its due to severe psychosis or electro convulsion therapy i was on.

I dont think so unless that happened and I was unaware.


I experienced a blackout anywhere from 5 minutes to half an hour.

My husband (then boyfriend) said I was just rambling about stuff the entire time.

I don’t remember any of it, I just remember everything going black

Yes, I have a one-day gap in my recollections of a trip to Spain I took during my first episode.

With my first onset yes

Yes, I blacked out.

If u mean blackouts in memory yeah…i hardly remember anything. Its always like remembering a time on drugs. Its fuzzy. Its missing. I remember seconds of months in the hospital too. But even yesterday i hardly remember

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I was trying to change meds. I blacked out for a week or ten days at home. Somehow, my mother came to my rescue and got me to a mental hospital. I had no recollection of this. They told me afterwards that I had hit a doctor. They put me in a straitjacket and took me in an ambulance to a regular hospital. When I awoke from the blacking out, I found I was in the cancer ward. They didn’t understand that I needed antipsychotics and my mother came and took me home. This was the time of the fall of the wall in Berlin. Scary to be in the world and not know it.