Did anyone else’s voice make up their own crazy story?

My pdoc says the more we interact with the voice the more elaborate it becomes but mine made up their own story all in their own. Did this happen to you?

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my story is this; so at the start They accused me of having mind reading abilities because I could hear their voice. They used to call me a mindreader.Then I would begin to mistakenly overhear secrets’ of the IRA (like they were selling guns to ISIS, or they engage in human trafficking) and they then said I had to join the IRA because I knew too much of their secrets. They said I shouldn’t have been able to hear them.this went on for months.they made up several other ways of putting me under pressure to join the IRA. As well as claiming I was freak that I could hear their voice they also made up curses such as an ‘insanity curse’ which when used made me feel intense panic like I was going even more crazy.

Hi Italy2010! The Voice convinced me of a lot of things, including believing it had power over me. Looking back, I think it is perfectly understandable that I’d believe a voice that was authoritative inside my own head! I believed I was the reincarnation of Mary, the mother of Jesus, because the voice told me I was. My experience tells me your doctor is correct. The more attention I paid to the voice, the more detailed (and more bizarre) the narrative became. It wasn’t until the voice became unbearably vicious that to survive, I began to ignore it. In the process, I got my life back, only better.


Two of my voices, Mia and Azelia, have told me their backstories.
They’re quie fascinating, considering they’re figments of my imagination. But I try not to pay it too much attention.


Is it an intricate backstory? I’m puzzled at how my voices invented this all on their own

Yes, the backstories are quite intricate, at least for Azelia.

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@anon31257746 did your voice make up your second episode all on their own, without you talking back to them?

My voices don’t really have stories. Some will say they are demons or what they want. But none have backstories really.

(My alters are not included in this)

I dont really talk to mine - they mostly comment. But one is a sweet young girl i call Vicky. They are borderline condescending in a sorta sweet caring way. I cant actually say i find them distressing - comforting at times even - except when im trying to sleep then they are annoying. The delusional side of me would say she is my angel. I always recognise her voice - so the rational side of me knows to ignore her - except when im lacking company…:open_mouth:

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My voices were mostly command voices. So I did listen to them

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Yes, mine did. An entire freaking narrative that we developed together. When I first came here, someone said I was so entrenched in my delusions that it was like I was living in a fantasy novel. I thought I was the protagonist in God’s story.


Thank you circle. Did you have a jist of the story before you joined in or was it due to your own interactions with them they developed it?

Did you have a jist of the story before you before they started commanding you to do these things?

Hi Italy! This is Watchers247, I had to make a new account since my previous email expired and I can’t recall my password. I also have been told I am cursed by these voices and they show me through dreams. I have dealt with supernatural phenomena as well. Also each night the entities give me consistent nightmares and many involve me being killed, that they put a curse on my heart, that they will put me in prison and kill me, that they will make me commit suicide, they rape me, so on and so forth. It never stops! I deal with them day and night 247 so I have learned my best coping mechanisms to get through each day as best as I can.

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Also did what did your voice do once you asked that maths question, like how did it respond when it got it wrong? How many questions did you ask?

My voices stopped making up stories a long time ago. Now they just call me names and make me miserable by never shutting up. What I need is a gym with a punching bag and some boxing gloves. I need to pretend the bag is the voice and work some of this aggression out.


What kind of stories did they used to make up agent? Why did they stop?

All kinds of stuff about the world not being real, or me being in Purgatory or them being helpful. Telling me to do certain things or not do certain things and a bunch of crap I don’t want to hear, mainly about the afterlife. All appealing to weak points I have and trying to get me to play along. I stopped playing along a few years back now when I hear the voice I just interrupt it and tell it to shut the ■■■■ up.

I wish it would stop though, it’s so hard to sleep with a voice insulting you. There’s nothing I can do about the insults.

They probably stopped trying to lead me down rabbit holes because I stopped believing them, who knows.

I think your right, once you stop believing they loose their power. It will stop for you someday, nothing lasts forever.

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Yes they explained lots of things first

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