Voices follow their own narrative

So from the beginning my voices followed their own narrative, they made up an elaborate story which got more intricate as each day passed. I wouldn’t talk to them but they still developed this intricate narrative which is puzzling to me. has anyone experienced the same?

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Are you ok?

I’m fine thanks I was just wondering if anyone’s voices were as intelligent as mine

The voices generally follow their own “crazy narrative” that doesn’t make a lick of sense in the real world.

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Your voices also developed a story by themselves @naturallycured? I didn’t interact with them yet they still developed this story

They developed the story through interacting with me, mostly at night when I’m not fully conscious and say ridiculous things that make half-sense. You know how dream logic is.

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My fiance is schiz. as well, just undiagnosed. For the longest we fed each other’s delusion, nowadays I try and steer him to the same road I found relief from…seeing a doctor! I’m like hellooooo, you’re hearing voices, see a psychiatrist in this country. If you had cancer you would go to an oncologist. Anways, yes my voices started out with their own narrative, but today they normally let me fill in the blanks as far as my inner voice goes. My fiance swears they talk through me, that I don’t know my mind from them, maybe he’s right, I just quit caring so much, found peace by not obsessing over 'them." I know they somehow talked through me on a couple occassions, one time I got real drunk on vodka, plainly told his mother that she was on a winged horse and carried a sword. Boy oh boy does that word ‘sword’ mean a lot of my old delusional way of thinking. My tactile hallucinations started after reading in Ezekiel about a glittery sword, that was not like a sword put in a sheath, that the prophet knew it was a weapon, but for any other of God’s children, it was merely a correcting rod. So to this day, even after medication, they like to cause me pain when I sin. Not all sin, just mainly drug abuse. Yeah I like to cut a rug every now and then, always been that way, voices never change me as a person.

Bumping this. I want to know if anyone’s voices made up an elaborate story like mine? Is it common for voices to make up delusions to trick you?

@anon9798425 is it common for the voices to make up a story all by themselves without any interaction from me? (I just listened). the reason I ask is that my pdoc says the more you interact with voices the more elaborate and intricate they become, but I didn’t interact and they still became elaborate

Do you know if it’s common @ninjastar?

What’s the elaborate story ? Can you um elaborate hahaha.


Mine made a elaborate story.it was awful at the time.

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They told me I had special mind reading abilities because I could hear their voice. They used to call me a mindreader.Then I would begin to mistakenly overhear secrets’ of the IRA (like they were selling guns to ISIS, or they engage in human trafficking) and said I had to join the IRA because I knew too much of their secrets. They said I shouldn’t have been able to hear them.this went on for months.they made up several other ways of putting me under pressure to join the IRA. As well as claiming I was freak that I could hear their voice they also made up curses such as an ‘insanity curse’ which when used made me feel intense panic like I was going even more crazy. And they were other curses as well. Edit; they told me I had to join from the start to escape hearing voices. This all tied in with intimidation I received IRL which makes it real to me.

What was your elaborate story @Imaganitve? They created it without any input from you?

That sounds like more like delusions @Imaganitve. What I was asking was did your VOICE follow their own story?

I really don’t know, sorry. :confused:

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I wish i could help. Can you be more specific?When you able to create stories you got work to do and write them down, like a diary. You will find out that your creation is repetitive. When i would be you i would give up and not worry about it. When you read your stuff in 10 years you get a nice surprise.

Like they went on and on without me talking to them and invented this story, I only listened

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The brain has the power to invent elaborate stories with a lot of nuance unintentionaly. Think about dreams when you are asleep, your mind invents the voices narrative just as if it were a dream. That’s what I think anyways.


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