diagonsed by mmpi-2 ?

Hello all,

I was recently asked to take the mmpi-2 and mcmi-iv tests, iq test, etc. I googled some of the questions I was asked and suspect I will be diagnosed schizotypal / paranoid schizophrenic when I get the test back. My therapist has commented on my ‘odd appearance’, ‘odd beliefs’, ‘excessive social anxiety’, been asked why I think ‘people are out to get me’ etc. Have any of you received a diagnosis from that test alone or does it simply point them in the right direction.

I’ve already been put on risperdal and got akathisia from it. I hate it.

Hmm… I had to take this pattern recognition test in 10th grade because they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I don’t think that had anything to do with psychosis though. I still don’t really know what that was about. I’ve never heard of those tests you took. I never had to take any of those. Why don’t you just ask what the tests were for?

I’ve usually just been diagnosed after a doctor looks over my records and talks with me for a few minutes. If your medication is causing bad side effects, report them to your prescribing doctor. They might prescribe an additional med to counter the effects, or change you to a different medication. Risperidone is usually one of the first ones they try. It made me gain 40 pounds and throw up all the time, so my doctor switched me to a different med that worked better with my body.

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