Given an MMPi unknowingly

I was given an MMPI-2 RF unknowingly and I think it will say I am not schizophrenic. I lied on questions like do I think there is a conspiracy against me (which I do think there is). Basically I tried to sound as normal as possible because there is a court hearing over guardianship which I do not want there to be guardianship.

Basically because of this test I feel like I’m not schizophrenic anymore and I’m afraid that the things I thought I was delusional about, will happen. What to do? Especially if the test says I’m normal.

I think you should come clean and admit you lied because you don’t want guardianship.

I heard they have lying scales built in. But this just makes me wonder whether I was ever schizophrenic at all. And what about the things I was afraid of?

That’s something else you can tell them: what you’re afraid of, that your beliefs will be real

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