i get these weird moods where someone will say something and my mood just takes a nose dive, it must be a subconscious thing because i can never explain it.

it must have a trigger but all i can do is guess, my mood dipped tonight and i have tried watching a couple of good movies that were on and they did help a bit and then went for a burger in mac d’s but i just feel like crap basically.

i feel very fed up with myself wondering what the point is, why am i even here? its pretty boring stuff but it gets to me, i’m not going to do anything stupid but i just wish i had a purpose in life, i hate everything when i am like this and i dont even want to talk sometimes, i will just go quiet and hide away, i just feel so horrible and bad.

do you get depression?

my main problem is chronic depression and what you described is basically normal.
if i had a gun yesterday i would have done the deed, that is why we do not keep guns in the house.
i am sorry you are hurting, know that some one cares and understands.
take care

Yes I get depression. It gets triggered kinda like you’re talking about. It hasn’t been as bad since I’ve stopped working though. It’s more just like a dull and emply life, no strong compulsion to go and blow my brains out like I used to have. Sometimes I get depressed when around normal people because it makes me realize how messed up I am, also around people with families because I don’t have that.

I am under a depressed state now, I never get happy really. Today I took my first dose of Lamictal, its a mood stabilizer with strong antidepressant properties. I must admit I felt better today - so far. I achieved pretty many things today.
I even felt like drawing a bit. I just hope this lasts long term. But so far so good. Maybe you can talk to your doctor?


Congrats on the lamictal Wave, I wish you luck.

I get depression. In fact, before I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, I was diagnosed with major depression. I haven’t found antidepressants helpful. The only thing that is helpful to me is school. It gives me hope for a better future. Before school, all I had to look forward to was homelessness when my parents died. I still worry about that–that they will die before I finish school.

I hate it when that part of the show starts in with no warning. I mean, depressed when my Dad had a heart problem and the family was so scared you could taste it? Yes, depression made sense to me. Understood it and kick it’s butt…

Out of the blue on a fine sunny day when nothing happened and I just can’t get over this gripping feeling of hopelessness and uselessness, self-loathing and sorrow?.. hate it. I really hate that part. It’s hard to kick that one. It’s a blind sider and it takes me a few days to catch my breaths and ask, “What in the world is wrong with me? and WHY?”

Thanks drewleo lets hope for my sake it works out for me long term, depression is like living your life under the ocean

Thats how i get depressed, and it takes couple of hours till my mood goes up to normal, but i found solution that keeps my mood stable for a long time. When ever i go into depression due to sad story, negative talk, than i know its time for me to take just one capsule of total amino acids, it keeps my mood stable for about 8-10 days. Than i will repeat again. Its much better than harmful mood stabilizers.

Same here. All I do is sleep all day.

a wise doctor once told me when i was rock bottom, ‘‘you won’t always feel that way’’

another wise doc, said to me ‘‘ride the waves’’