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I was put on lamictal 3 weeks ago and I’m not noticing any positive effects from it. I’ve been in a depression since before Xmas and I’m still depressed. It really doesn’t seem to be lifting the depression at all, it could even be making me feel worse. Pdoc wanted to add an antidepressant but I’m too scared to take it in case I go manic.

Anyone any experience with lamictal? How long does it take to start working?

Oh I have SZA by the way

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I take it but I’ve only recently switched from lithium to it. Been on it for 3 weeks also and I suppose I’m feeling better. I always have ups and downs so it’s hard to see if mood stabalisers are working for me.

I feel like a puppet when it comes to meds

My mood improved when I started taking 200 mg 2X/day.

Lamictal is a mood stabilizer, like Depakote and Lithium.

What dose are you currently taking?

■■■■. I just realised I’m having delusions, paranoia as well. I didn’t even have insight into this until speaking to a friend and now I realise I’m pretty psychotic at the moment. I think, I’m not sure though. Nothing specific (apart from delusions) but things are starting to feel weird again. And paranoia is pretty bad right now. Should I go back to my doctor? I’m just so sick of having to take more meds every few months because they just stop working!

I have problems with health since early childhood.
It is a fate that, whether I wish it or not, a fate that I have to accept.
2 countries where I have a chance for meaningful recovery are India and the US.
I hope that at some stage I will be able to reach India and recover.
I have a lot of patience.

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Are you still titrating up? It takes forever to get to a proper dosage.

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Woohoo! I think I’m finally starting to see a difference. Woke up this morning and didn’t want to die straight away. Feel a little lighter too… hopefully this is just the start :crossed_fingers:

Yes am only on 75 mg right now, increasing to 100 in 2 days

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